Herringbone flooring – the most beautiful inspirations

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The parquet floor, forgotten years ago, is coming back into favor. More and more often you can find herringbone wooden floors in tasteful tenement houses and modern apartments. See what kind to choose and how to lay these boards yourself.

Until recently it was associated with the communist era, now it’s one of the biggest hits. Herringbone pattern fits both traditional and modern interiors. The diagonal layout is sure to catch the eye, give originality and class. It is an expressive element, so if you care about subtlety, do not overdo it with other parts of the finish and accessories. It should be mentioned that it is a durable and functional solution for domestic and public spaces

Types of herringbone flooring

Classic herringbone

Herringbone flooring is laid at an angle from boards of equal size. It comes in two versions – single and double. The first proposal is a bit more delicate, the second contrasting.

French herringbone

Folded at an angle of 45 degrees. After assembling, the staves together form a 90-degree layout. Connection of staves creates a zigzag pattern, they resemble arrowheads.

Hungarian herringbone

In this case, the boards are cut at an angle of 60 degrees and form an arrangement with an angle of 120 degrees

Herringbone in XXL size

Very large sizes of individual elements are perfect for large premises: living rooms, open spaces, stores and restaurants

Why invest in a wooden floor?

It’s definitely a purchase for many years. They will bring a lot of warmth into a room. Of course, it’s about the visual and functional effect. This raw material muffles noises, thanks to which the room is very quiet.

Which boards to choose for the floor?

When selecting, you should pay attention to the parameters of hardness and strength. The most popular material is oak. This is a classic and safe solution. It is durable and can be used in areas that are frequently used. Other solid materials are beech and exotic trees. The latter will work well even in bathrooms, thanks to the fact that they block moisture from getting inside. However, if you choose species such as pine, linden, larch or birch, you have to reckon with the appearance of pits and cracks over time. However, they have a huge advantage, which is the price. They are a good choice if no pets live in your home. Avoid walking on them with heeled shoes

How do I lay herringbone parquet by myself?


Before starting the work, you need to prepare the floor properly. Make sure that the floor is smooth – any irregularities will make it impossible to cover the whole with the material. If you have previously installed other flooring in the area, be sure to remove any glue and fixing residue. After cleaning, you can additionally vacuum the surface. If the area you plan to work on does not have a proper level, use a screed or joint compound and wait until it dries

Work sequence

Youwill need: pencil, protractor, ruler, rolling meter, gloves, safety goggles and jigsaw, boards, glue.

Step one

Determine the center of the room. Paint a line along the length of the room. From this point, start symmetrically laying the slats at the angle that suits you best

Step two

Move horizontally towards both walls. Then continue laying another row towards the bottom of the room. If you need irregular sized boards on the sides, cut them as you go. Glue all pieces together carefully

Step three

Wait the time recommended by the manufacturer. Clean the dirt afterwards.

Step four

Finally, coat the tree with varnish or other protective agent. Done!

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