Which hood over a kitchen island should I choose?

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A practical solution for the kitchen is to install a cooktop on the kitchen island, but it will require a hood. What are the types of these island hoods? What to follow when buying?

Island – a piece of kitchen furniture

One of the furniture elements in the kitchen can be an island, that is, cabinets covered with a countertop. Most often it is simply an additional place for storage. This is a very modern and elegant looking solution. In modern kitchens on the island is mounted hob, and above it the hood.

Island hood – a modern and functional solution

If the kitchen island has a hob, it should be equipped with a hood that absorbs odors and water vapor generated during cooking. The model of the hood should match the style of the kitchen:

Types of island hoods:

  • cylindrical – are cylindrical in shape. They are the most popular type of hoods over kitchen islands. Available in different colors;
  • ceiling – usually mounted on the false ceiling (ventilation ducts can be hidden). They look like a large plafond hanging over the stove;
  • countertop – placed in the countertop in the kitchen island. They can be a fixed element or pull-out. The latest models have a water vapor sensor;
  • with plate – a hood mounted on the hob. It is a great alternative to classic models;
  • modern – in the shape of an inverted T letter, the so-called T-line;
  • decorative – mounted on steel wires. They look like modern lamps.

What to look for when choosing a kitchen hood?

To install a hood over an island, the kitchen should be well prepared, especially the ceiling. Extractor is better at absorbing odors than the absorber, but it requires a connection to the ventilation chimney. Therefore, the ducting to the chimney must be concealed in the ceiling. If the hood is only an absorber, it can be installed with ordinary building plugs.

The hood must always be adjusted to the dimensions of the stove. To serve its purpose, it should be at least 10 cm wider than the hob. This does not apply to cylindrical hoods. The height of the hood should be adjusted to the individual preferences of the users. To perform its function well, it should be placed 65-70 cm above the cooker.

When choosing a hood, it is worth paying attention to how much air can be filtered during an hour of operation. The efficiency is measured inm3/h. In the lowest gear, the hood should clean the kitchen six times, and in the highest gear – twelve times per hour. If your kitchen is 20m2, you should choose a hood with an efficiency of 120 to 240m3/h.

When you choose a hood for the kitchen, it is worth paying attention to the volume of the device – especially if the kitchen is combined with the living room. The device should not generate more noise than 50 dB in medium gear.

It is also worth paying attention to the type of lighting. The most economical is led lighting. The backlighting of the hood should be adjusted to the type of lighting in the room.

When choosing a hood, pay attention to additional features. A filter cleaning sensor is useful as it informs you when the filter needs to be replaced or cleaned. A very useful function is the smell sensor, which turns on the cooker hood when it senses steam or a smell while cooking.

Which cooker hood for an island should I choose?

There is no definite answer to this question. The hood must match the style of the kitchen and the taste of the owners. If it is to be discreet, then you can choose a flat ceiling hood or one that is mounted in the cooktop. Hoods with rounded shapes are best suited to retro and modern styles.

Inspirations for island hoods

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