5 steps to choosing the perfect bedroom mattress

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The right mattress in the bedroom is a guarantee of good sleep and rest. If we have problems sleeping and back pain, it may mean that our mattress is of poor quality. It is worth taking care of it. How to choose the perfect mattress for your bedroom?

1. Choose the right type of mattress

There is a wide choice of mattresses on the market. The quality of the material that the mattress is made of should be your first consideration. The most popular are spring mattresses (especially pocket type). Latex mattresses are recommended for allergy sufferers, and foam mattresses for the more demanding. A mattress should be replaced on average every 8 years, so that the comfort of our sleep is at the highest level

2. Price versus quality

The price of a good mattress is 300 PLN. Sometimes for a good quality mattress you have to pay from 700 zł to 1000 zł. Let’s choose mattresses which will be tailored to our individual needs, let’s not be guided only by the price. It is about our health. We can always compare mattress prices in online stores and choose the best offer. It is worth mentioning that some stores allow you to test their products – within 30 days you can return them if you do not like the mattress

3. The length of the mattress

This is especially important for tall people. The mattress should be at least 20 cm longer than the height of a person to make resting on it comfortable

4. The firmness of the mattress

This may come as a surprise to some, but weight and body build also affect the choice of mattress. To choose the right type, you should follow your own preferences. Medium firmness mattresses are the most common choice. People lighter than 70 kg and heavier than 90 kg should follow special guidelines for the mattress firmness scale

5. A mattress for two

For couples, a large mattress is best suited to the weight of the heavier person. Choosing one is difficult, as it has to meet the needs of two people, but luckily the offer in stores is so large that every couple will find the perfect one

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The perfect mattress for your bedroom

The price of a product is not everything – we should be guided by its quality first and foremost. A mattress from a lower price range often needs to be replaced with a new one after just one year. Moreover our parameters are also important, that is our weight, height, body build, preferences concerning the position, etc. With this knowledge we can choose the right mattress for our bedroom. With this knowledge we can choose the right mattress for ourselves.

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