Bedding for winter – what should it be?

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Choosing the right bedding for winter can be a problem. It is important that the comforter provides the optimal amount of warmth. But what should you look for to choose good bedding? Read our article to find out.

Type of filling of the duvet

The filling of a comforter affects its thermal properties, which is why it should be the most important factor when choosing the right bedding. The most popular fillings are:

– down. Down bedding insulates well against the cold and is lightweight. Manufacturers offer bedding, especially comforters, with different thickness and amount of down used. It is better to choose those filled with goose down, not duck down, because they are more durable.

– feathers. This filling is similar to down, but here bird feathers are combined with feathers. Bedding made of feathers is heavier, it also has worse thermal insulation properties than down.

– wool. Bedding with this filling is ideal for winter. It is most often made of sheep wool, thanks to which it keeps heat very well. What is important, this type of bedding allows your skin to breathe freely and is not allergenic, so it is recommended for people with allergies.

– polyester fibre. Such bedding is filled with twisted fibres, which have air channels inside. However, this filling does not provide such warmth as comforters made of wool.

– bamboo fibre. This filling is becoming more and more popular in recent times. Bedding with this filling is smooth, very durable and resilient. Choosing a bamboo comforter will help regulate the temperature very well. It is a good choice for both winter and summer.

Type of material

In addition to the type of filling, very important is also the material from which comforter covers and pillows are made. The most important thing here is that the bedding is nice to the touch and wicks away moisture well. Taking these two things into consideration, cotton bedding is most often chosen. There are really many affordable models available in the market. Cotton allows for good air circulation in summer, so it is a good choice not only for winter.

For allergy sufferers the best choice will be pillowcases made of linen. This material is very durable, besides, like cotton bedding, it can be used all year round. On the other hand, for cold winter nights flannel bedding will also be perfect. This material provides very good thermal insulation. Flannel is very resistant and durable. For the lowest temperatures, of course, will also be perfect woolen bedding.

What are the types of comforters?

It is worth knowing this, so you can choose the right bedding for winter. In Poland the most commonly used is seasonal scale, which allows to determine the class of warmth of comforters. According to this scale, comforters are divided into:

– summer – the lightest in use. They should have filling weight from 500 to 1200 g, but it depends on their size.

– winter duvets – should be warm but not too sweaty. Such comforters should have filling weight from 1000 to 1800 g.

– year-round – this type of comforters is perfect for cold winter nights as well as for summer, when temperatures are higher.

– double – consisting of two layers of separate comforters, joined together permanently. The layers create an air “chamber”, preventing heat loss.

– “4 seasons” – consist of two thin comforters, fastened together with press studs. So you can choose two lighter, summer comforters or one warmer, winter comforter.

For winter, it is best to choose a typical winter comforter, either a double comforter or a “4 seasons” comforter.

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