How to deter pigeons from the balcony?

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Tired of the mess on your balcony or windowsill caused by the presence of pigeons? Check out our tips to help you get rid of them.

Why do pigeons come to your balcony or windowsill?

Pigeons are such common birds that, in principle, no one pays special attention to them. The problem starts to be when they decide to visit your balcony or windowsill

You are probably wondering what attracts them? Pigeons are extremely sociable birds. After all, they belong to the group of domesticated animals. They appear wherever there is a large concentration of people. For pigeons, a large concentration of people means easy access to food, which we often provide ourselves, for example, by feeding them in winter. If you do not want to fight with pigeons on your balcony or windowsill, do not feed them. The sooner you put this rule into practice, the better for you and your space

Are pigeons dangerous for humans?

It is commonly believed that pigeons spread diseases that are dangerous for humans. This is true, but the risk of contracting them from these birds is negligible – with proper hygiene, of course. Remember that dangerous viruses can also be found in their excrements. That is why it is so important to systematically clean balconies and windowsills. It is important to wash your hands thoroughly after each cleaning of these places

How and with what to deter pigeons?

You need to know that not every action to remove pigeons from your balcony is legal. For example, you cannot remove nests on your own. All this is due to a decree issued a few years ago protecting certain bird species. The removal of bird nests is clearly described in the regulation. You cannot do this at any time, but only from October 16 to the end of February. This is all because of the breeding season and the hatching of chicks. You must also pay attention to any eggs: you cannot destroy them. Removing nests at other times than those described above can result in a fine

So you can see that it is better to take care of deterring birds before they establish a habitat. One of the basic things (humane, of course!) you can do to deter pigeons might be to put up a special net. This type of protection will also be ideal for cat owners. The netting is placed so that it fits tightly against the walls and railings of the balcony, making it difficult for your four-legged friend to escape or fall. Unfortunately, the mesh is quite visible, which affects the appearance of the balcony. The plus side is availability – you can buy it at most home improvement stores


This solution is definitely just nicer. Simply attach the figurine of a raven or other bird of prey on a fishing line, for example, to the ceiling. Thanks to gusts of wind the dummy will start to move, which can solve the problem with pigeons occupying your balcony. However, you need to remember that pigeons are quite intelligent birds and may not fall for such a scam. So this method may not be enough. All sorts of windmills and bells may work similarly.

Repellent preparations

This method has both a lot of pros and cons. On the plus side, there are many aerosols on the market which contain ingredients that directly repel not only pigeons but also other birds. The composition of these preparations may be a disadvantage. The ingredients contained in them may be harmful for pets or even ourselves. You should also take into account the irritating smell.

As you can see, there are several methods you can use to deter pigeons. Remember, however, that each of them has to be humane. Pigeons, although they may irritate, are still living beings and feel pain

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