Garden hearth – how to arrange a place to relax?

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Are you dreaming of a climatic summer evening in your garden? Do you want to warm up, relax and spend time surrounded by loved ones in the fresh air? Think about a garden fireplace!

Are you thinking about buying and installing a garden fireplace to diversify the time you spend outside? This will be the perfect solution!

General information

A garden fire pit is made of a special bowl that has a very large diameter. It is supported by three or more legs. This is to ensure the stability of the whole structure. As a rule, bowls are made of steel. This is due to its functionality and durability. Importantly, the hearth should be resistant to mechanical damage and various external factors, for example, weather. Using a hearth that is very well made is very comfortable

What is the ideal fuel for our fireplace?

Seasonal hardwoods are recommended by regular and experienced hearth users. Their moisture content must be very low. Due to the minimal amount of resin, such products are easily burned. By the way, they do not in any way damage our bowl, the appearance and good condition of which we should take special care

Advantages of having a hearth in the garden

The hearth is a source of heat. It is therefore the ideal place where everyone will gather at parties held in your garden. It is an investment that gives us comfort and many possibilities for years to come. Thanks to it, the garden season can last as long as we want. We will not be intimidated by lower air temperatures outside if we can warm ourselves in the warmth of our hearth. The construction consisting of a large bowl is a very safe solution. First of all, because we have control over the lit fire. The advantage of most garden hearths is that they are mobile. So if you have a lot of ideas in your head about how to arrange a place to relax in our garden, there’s nothing stopping you from trying out each of them and verifying which one is best for you!

A fire pit or a traditional bonfire? Which to choose?

When choosing between these two options, be sure to consider the aforementioned advantages of the hearth. It will certainly be a safer, more practical and visually more effective solution

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Designing a place to relax using a fire pit

When arranging your garden with the use of a fire pit, there are several important things to consider. Among other things, it is very important that the fire pit is located between the seating areas, but of course at a reasonable distance from them. This way, you will always have the opportunity to sit with a book or even a meal or a laptop at a table near which your hearth is smoldering

Additionally, it is a good idea to have your hearth area landscaped in such a way that it is not exposed to constant sunlight or rain or worse, hail. This won’t affect the function of your hearth, but it may modify its appearance a bit, so it’s worth keeping that in mind as well

The space into which you are going to incorporate your garden fireplace, try to spruce up and decorate it carefully. If it is going to be a place where you rest, relax and gather strength for action, it should be special!

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