Facade color – what to choose? How to plan?

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The right façade color can do wonders. Optical enlargement of the building, giving it a distinctive character, emphasizing its shape or hiding possible defects – the shade of external walls really matters. So how to choose the one that works best? And which façade elements are worth paying attention to in order to create a harmonious whole?

How do I choose a façade color?

One of the decisive factors in choosing the color of the exterior walls is the building’s surroundings. As the color of the facade should harmonize with the landscape, we must take into account whether we live by a forest road, a beach or in the middle of a large, avant-garde city, where originality and innovation will be at a premium.

In a slightly less extravagant environment, a good and proven track will turn out to be the inspiration of neighboring houses. If other residents of the housing estate opt for light colors, e.g. cream or sand color, we should follow their example in order to preserve the coherent appearance of the surrounding architecture

Roof color vs. façade color

To make the house look elegant, the color of the facade has to match the color of the roofing, as well as the shade of additional elements such as window sills, window frames and stairs and landings. In the case of a red roof – one of the most popular choices – afaçade in the shade of a commonly encountered white will be an apt and timeless solution. However, this color may not be the best idea if the property is located on an unpaved road, which is associated with annoying dust and dirt.

Agraphite-colored roof will go well with a facade of a soft blue color. An interesting proposal will also be walls in shades of green – pistachio or olive. An original proposal is the wall overgrown with creeper – the plant will certainly add charm to the property and also – by keeping air pollutants away – will positively influence the microclimate and protect the building against moisture.

A classic and deep brown roof can easily be combined with a lighter, warm shade, such as caramel or beige. Among the colors to avoid are bright orange and yellow. Subdued pastels are a better option for an eye-pleasing effect. When it comes to a black roof, an ivory-coloured façade will prove to be a reliable solution. A slightly bolder, less typical choice would be light pink or green walls.

Facade color – additional elements

There is no need to explain how important are the details. After all, they can easily change the appearance of the whole. When deciding on the color of the facade of the property, we can not forget about such elements as window and door frames. If we want to distinguish them, we should bet on a lighter shade than the color of the facade – so that the building will seem larger

For a harmonious effect, we should also take care of the color of gutters, pillars, as well as the plinth. The garage door is also an element worth attention that is unfortunately quite often neglected. Due to the fact that on the front wall of the building it is very visible and takes up a lot of space, its shade has a significant impact on the overall effect. In this case, the classic proposals, such as wood veneer in the color of dark or golden oak, are still popular.

House facade colors

As you can see, the choice of facade color is justified by many important issues. The architecture of the surroundings, the shade of the roof tiles or the color of the windows and doors – all these factors affect the final result. An aspect that certainly cannot be overlooked is the size of the building itself. In connection with the fact that the elevation can effectively emphasize certain elements and seemingly change the shape of the house, already in the design phase we should know what effect we care most about. A valuable hint will turn out to be the use of tools for visualization, thanks to which we will be sure that the colors we have chosen create a harmonious whole

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