How to waterproof brick in the kitchen?

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Brick in the kitchen gives the interior a unique character. How to impregnate a brick in kitchen to enjoy its appearance for a long time? How should brick be cleaned?

Brick in the kitchen – stylish and creative

Brick in kitchen is very popular material, because it fits to every style of interior, giving it unique character. Recently, brick has become a fashionable alternative to ceramic tiles on the walls. Thanks to it you can warm up the interior or give it a raw character.

How to impregnate brick in kitchen?

Brick on kitchen walls can be protected in two ways: impregnation or acrylic lacquer. Silicone impregnate leaves a mat surface on the tiles, it is used in places not exposed to difficult conditions e.g.: corridor, living room or room

To impregnate the bricks in the kitchen above the countertop acrylic lacquer is used, thanks to which the tiles gain much more resistance. The layer of acrylic increases the brick resistance to moisture, scratches. For impregnation of brick in the kitchen you can also use silicates for bricks and natural stones. Using chemical impregnants for bricks, you should read the manufacturer’s information, because some preparations can darken the brick.

An interesting and expensive protection of the brick is covering it with lacobel glass. The glass sheet will protect the brick from damage or dirt. Glass is also more practical for cleaning. Often, the glass is laid in spots only in those places which get dirty quickly, i.e. the wall behind the stove and the sink.

What to clean brick in the kitchen?

Brick is a material that gives the interior a unique character. If it is regularly impregnated with appropriate chemical agents, dirty places will only need to be wiped with a damp cloth with a small amount of detergent. If the plaster was chipped to bring out the beauty of the brick, then they should be cleaned with alkaline agents for organic dirt or chemical preparations based on acids for cement dirt.

Where is the best place to lay brick in the kitchen?

Brick is a material that is great for finishing the kitchen. However, there can not be too much of it, because it will visually reduce the room. Typically, brick is used in one of four areas.

On the wall away from doing kitchen work

This solution is used in kitchens connected with the living room. Brick in this solution is not heavily exposed to dirt, so it is enough to protect such a wall with silicone impregnation. An interesting solution is building up the island or counter with bricks.

In the dining area of the kitchen

Brick laid in the dining area looks elegant. In this solution it is enough to protect it with silicone impregnation. Over time, abrasions from chairs can appear on the wall. Therefore, a great solution is to use wall bumpers.

In the space between worktop and cabinets

The brick in the space between the cabinets and the countertop is most vulnerable to dirt, splashes and grease. This is why it should be impregnated with a suitable product.

On the floor

An interesting and innovative solution is the use of brick on the floor. This gives the interior a raw look.

Which type of brick is best for kitchen?

While choosing a brick for kitchen, its color should be taken into account. The most popular and expensive solution are cut tiles, that is, tiles cut from old bricks or hand formed. They are available in colors ranging from red to bright orange. These colors work best in combination with white, beige or light gray cabinet fronts. For those who prefer muted colors, white or gray bricks are best.

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