Ornamental grasses for the garden and balcony

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Ornamental grasses will decorate your garden and balcony. There are many types of grasses available on the market. See which one will meet your expectations!

Grass grows on every continent. There are species that have adapted to the weather conditions even in the Arctic! Given this fact, you can certainly use these plants to decorate your garden and balcony or even your home!

Functions of grasses in the environment

Grasses have many different functions in nature. The most important from a human perspective is to be a kind of indicator of soil type. People who are knowledgeable about these plants will easily be able to determine what soil prevails in a given area. This is a very interesting and also useful function of grasses. It is worth knowing that given grasses and plant species in natural conditions will grow only on soil suitable for their growth.

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Grass varieties and soil

Grasses that thrive in alkaline soils because they are rich in humus include cocksfoot, meadow grass and fescue. Common sandpiper and coastal cassava will do well in sandy areas. Species which love soil which does not have many minerals such as phosphorus or potassium are usually found in soft tussock or bluebell

A wet and acidic environment is ideal for reed canary grass or ray grass. Heathland and podzolic soils are usually overgrown with sheep’s fescue. Spurge is a grass species which thrives on dry sites. Taking into account the soil preferences of specific grasses, it is worth considering planting them in your garden. Of course, you should first check what soil is predominant in your area and then select the species you like

Ornamental grasses ideal for the balcony and garden

The grasses mentioned in the previous paragraph have their decorative counterparts, which we can plant successfully in balcony pots. One of the grasses recommended for the balcony is panicle. This is a specific, durable and pretty plant. It grows in the wild in almost every climatic zone

A plant that is similar to it is fescue. Its unquestionable advantage is that it shimmers in the sunlight. If you are thinking of planting grass in your garden or on your balcony, you should also consider cocksfoot. Its colors – yellow and white – stand out beautifully against the rest of the garden vegetation

If our garden soils are of poor quality, not fertile and rich in micro-nutrients, then certainly a good choice will be the sandpiper. This plant grows very quickly, forming very dense clumps. Unfortunately, in order to develop to its full potential, it must have plenty of space. Only then will its roots be able to develop properly. Another specimen we can have both at home and on the balcony is sea manna. It is a greenish-grey grass that loves humidity. Keep this in mind when you make your purchase. A species recommended by many gardeners is myrtle. It grows primarily in temperate climates. Its delicate, characteristic flowers will certainly add variety to your garden or balcony


There are many examples of garden and balcony grasses. But there are even more ideas for arranging them. In addition to the plant itself, the pot also plays a decorative role. Manufacturers offer many different pots. It is good that all the pots match each other and create a coherent arrangement. If you overdo the variety of grasses and pots, chaos will ensue and it will not look good. So when choosing pots and grasses, try to think carefully about your purchases. Sometimes less is more. Decorations are only supposed to be an addition, so they cannot dominate the whole space

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