Step by step installation of floor panels

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Wondering how to take care of proper installation of floor panels yourself? Check what materials and tools you will need and where you should start

Laying laminate step by step

Laminate flooring panels can be installed by ourselves. Right after completing all the steps the floor is ready to be used. We can put them in rooms, which are not exposed to long-term moisture. You should not decide on panels in such rooms as laundry room and bathroom and outside the building.

When choosing the right materials we must first of all take into account the purpose of the room. We choose panels paying attention to the resistance of the coating to abrasion and following the recommendations of manufacturers. It is worth paying attention to the usage class from AC3 to AC5

Some floor panels are suitable for installation on low-temperature underfloor heating. In such a situation, however, they require preparation of an appropriate underlay, which ensures good thermal conductivity

Preparing the subfloor – laying floor panels

Looking for a subfloor for laminate is not complicated. Almost all types of subfloors with adequate stability and evenness can become it. They can be successfully destroyed floors with PVC flooring or tiles, as well as parquet or planks. Moreover, thin carpeting with synthetic fibers can also become a subfloor for laying. In this case, however, it is necessary to create an adequate layer of insulation against moisture

Laying laminate floors and preparing the subfloor

If you are planning to lay laminate flooring yourself, you need to decide how to install it and be aware of any possible difficulties

First of all, the basic rule is to lay them perpendicularly to the window wall. In this way the connections between successive strips of covering will be much less visible. However, the form of laying floor panel elements can be adjusted to individual preferences and the effect that we intend to obtain. We can decide on a diagonal direction in relation to the walls of the room

It is necessary to measure the floor. In this way we can clearly determine the widths of the cut of their first row, along with matching them to the recesses and at the door

Laying the damp screen

Before laying floor panels, it is necessary to protect them against the possible penetration of moisture. Moisture can be caused by water penetration or condensation on the cold subfloor if the floor above an unheated room has not been properly insulated. The insulation is created with the use of vapour-proof foil

Laying the underlay

Laying the underlay is an indispensable element of our works that allows to level the ground and improve acoustic insulation of the floor covering. Rolled foam with a corrugated surface, thin hollow-core boards or corrugated cardboard underlay, among others, are used for this purpose.

Thick underlays in the form of boards or thin cork mats are also a good option. The choice depends on the purpose of the room and the level of your requirements for the floor

Creating expansion gaps

Laying laminate flooring is done by creating what is called a floating covering. It cannot be permanently fixed to the subfloor in any way. It is therefore necessary to leave expansion gaps in relation to walls and other elements in the room. This guarantees the free movement of the covering in case of changes in humidity or temperature

Laying the panels

The next stage is the laying of the floor panels. Before this process, they should be seasoned for at least 2 days in the target room. This is a particularly important activity that we should take care of, especially during autumn and winter. Then we do not have to worry about the wrong temperature of the material.

Parcels of elements must be left in the factory packaging and loosely laid out on the floor. Before starting to lay them, it is necessary to look at each of the panels and check them for the absence of damage and other defects

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