Bathroom renovation – by yourself or with the help of professionals?

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. Therefore, it must be functionally and aesthetically decorated. Is it worth renovating the bathroom on your own or is it better to hire a team?

Is it worth renovating the bathroom by yourself or with the help of a professional?

Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. If you know that you can do the bathroom renovation yourself, then do it. If you don’t have any skills in construction work, then it’s a good idea to use a renovation crew. Doing the renovation work on your own when you have no idea about it can be very difficult and put you into unforeseen costs. Later on, you will have to hire a crew for the repairs.

What should you consider when making your decision?


Before planning a renovation, it is a good idea to determine the amount of funds that are allocated for this purpose. You should know that the cost of renovation is usually higher than the assumed budget. The difference results, among others, from price fluctuations and unforeseen situations that can happen during the works.

The scope of works

When considering renovation of the bathroom on your own, you should also take into account the scope of the work and your own skills. Renovation in the bathroom usually involves laying tiles, installing radiators and sanitary installations. If you have never done this type of work, it is better not to do it. Incorrectly performed renovation work may result in cracked tiles or leaking pipes.

Renovation time

Bathroom renovation is inconvenient for household members because everyone uses this room several times a day. That is why most people would like it to last as short as possible. If you do it on your own, it will definitely be prolonged in time.

Necessary tools

Bathroom renovation requires not only knowledge and experience, but also the right tools. People who are not involved in renovation do not have at home, for example: a tile cutting machine or a laser level, which can come in handy during the work.

Advantages and disadvantages of renovation on your own

If you have the knowledge and skills, then you can do the bathroom renovation yourself. Especially if the scope of the renovation is small, e.g. painting the walls or putting up wallpaper.

Advantages of renovating your own bathroom

  • no labour costs,
  • satisfaction with the work you have done.

Advantages of renovating your own bathroom

  • the length of the renovation is increased,
  • some of the work can be faulty when done by yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages of renovating with a professional renovation team

There are two disadvantages to using a professional renovation team – the labor fee and the wait time to start the renovation. Appointments with professionals are often booked up to a year in advance. However, it is worth the wait because a renovation by a professional team is sure to be done well.

Advantages of renovating a bathroom with a professional team

  • short realisation time
  • trouble-free course of the renovation,
  • precision in performing the works,
  • professional advice on purchasing of materials.

Where to look for a team to carry out repairs in the bathroom?

When looking for a construction team, it is worth asking friends who have used the services of professionals. This is one of the best methods, because you can see “live” the effect of the team’s work. The second place to look is the Internet.

It is not worth using the services of professionals, who:

  • can not boast of photos of completed work and references from customers;
  • can start renovation “right away”;
  • do not know how to find alternative solutions to your problem;
  • cannot recommend good building materials;
  • do not have their own professional equipment to do the renovation;
  • they impose their vision of how the bathroom should be done and use statements such as: “it can’t be done”;
  • ask for an advance on the work

Bathroom renovation is a big expense, if you don’t have the right knowledge, then don’t do it yourself.

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