Black fixtures in the bathroom – how does it work?

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Classic chrome faucets or black fittings for the bathroom? Is choosing a modern black faucet a good idea? Find out how to take care of a black mixer and what kind of sink to match it with.

Is it worth buying a black mixer?

Increasingly popular in recent times, black fixtures are a striking finishing touch to the bathroom. And although the number of supporters of taps in this color is growing rapidly, you can still encounter negative opinions about them. However, they are often uttered by people who do not have black fixtures in their bathroom. So what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages of black mixers

The main advantage of black fixtures is its elegance. It fits into bathrooms decorated in different styles. People who have decided to install a black faucet in their bathroom often emphasize that you can’t see fingerprints on it, so it will work perfectly in a house with children or in companies or stores where many people use the bathroom.

Disadvantages of black fixtures

The most commonly highlighted disadvantage of black fixtures is the need to clean them regularly. Many people believe that water stains (especially if you have hard water) or soap marks are much more visible on a black faucet than on a chrome one. To effectively prevent this, it is worth choosing a high-quality fixture, which we will clean regularly. If we do it often enough, this activity will literally take us a few moments. You definitely need to spend more time cleaning a faucet (both black and chrome) that has long had traces of soap or scale.

What kind of black faucet to choose?

In stores, you can most often find black mixers with painted or galvanized coating. We strongly recommend choosing the latter type. Black mixers with a galvanized coating are scratch-resistant, so they will look good and aesthetically pleasing for a much longer time.

It is also worth betting on a faucet whose overflow mechanism is made of ceramic, which will ensure its long life. Also remember to choose a faucet that is equipped with a replaceable aerator. It is on this part that dirt and limescale are deposited, so replacing it from time to time significantly extends the life of the faucet and increases the comfort of using it – limescale does not clog the water outlet, so the water flies evenly.

How to wash a black tap?

As we have already mentioned, in the case of black fittings, regularity of cleaning is particularly important. So we recommend wiping the tap daily with a soft microfiber cloth. You do not need to use detergents for daily care, as fresh stains will be easily removed with a cloth dampened with water. From time to time, wipe the black fixture with a mild detergent that is designed for the care of this type of faucets and taps. You can also get a product that creates a hydrophobic coating. Its use will result in far fewer water stains on the black faucet, and those that appear can be removed very easily.

What kind of sink to choose for a black mixer?

A black faucet does not limit us in terms of the choice of basin. An interesting solution is to install a black tap over a white basin – an extremely classic and elegant solution. Want to decorate your bathroom in a modern style? Opt for a black sink and a black faucet. Do you like unusual combinations? Choose a copper-colored sink, which, combined with the right accessories, will give your bathroom the impression of glamour style.

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