Wallpaper with forest and mountain motif in children’s room

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Forest theme has been one of the most fashionable wallpaper patterns for several seasons. What to combine wallpaper with this motif?

Misty forest – an interior hit

Misty forest motif with its colors fits perfectly into various interior styles such as:

  • scandinavian style,
  • modern,
  • minimalist style.

Wallpaper with a motif of a misty forest should be located behind the bed. Thanks to this the wall covered with this wallpaper becomes a focal point in the bedroom. With wallpaper with a misty forest motif looks best with furniture and accessories in colors such as:

  • green,
  • gray,
  • white,
  • brown.

Forest green on wallpaper and accessories

Wallpaper with a motif of a misty forest works well with pastel-colored accessories. Accessories in powder pink highlight the white and green wallpaper visually warming up the interior.

Wallpaper with forest fits perfectly in modern interiors. Pallet bed with gray accessories perfectly emphasizes the misty green of the forest. In a modern Scandinavian interior wallpaper with a misty forest motif will emphasize the white furniture, giving the bedroom a unique expression. In addition, wallpaper with a forest motif in the children’s room looks great with wooden elements.

Wallpaper with sunny forest motif

Wallpaper sunny forest looks best in a modern interior. Modern design furniture in natural colors: white, brown and gray will perfectly emphasize the green on the wallpaper. The motif of the sunny forest warms up the interior, giving it a unique character.

Mountains on the wall – universal for girls and boys

Pay attention to wallpapers with mountains, which are incredibly versatile. They will work perfectly both for a boy and a girl. You can combine them with traditional cribs, white furniture, as well as natural wood

Living room – wallpaper with misty forest motif broken with powder pink

Wallpaper with a misty forest adds naturalness to the interior, so it works well not only for the children’s room, but also the living room. Elegance is added by a bottle green color of the sofa, which emphasizes the tree motif on the wall. Thanks to gray elements (e.g. lamp and carpet), the living room will gain an elegant look. A breakthrough of green is powder pink, which will warm up the effect.

Forest motif on the wallpaper in the living room fits perfectly into the Scandinavian trends, gives the interior a unique look. People who like closeness to nature, wallpaper with such a motif will allow you to calm down after a hard day. The more green the better, that is why a green sofa and a wooden floor will go well with such a decor. It is worth to break the whole with white accessories.

Wallpaper with forest motif….. in the bathroom

Wallpaper with forest motif looks best in a large modern bathroom. It is worth to combine it with white bathroom fixtures and wood-like tiles. For example, wallpaper with an equatorial forest motif looks great in a large, modern bathroom, combined with wood-like tiles on the floor and wood on the walls – green and brown will optically warm up the bathroom.

How to combine wallpaper with the rest of the interior?

Wallpaper has been known for many years, but now it is gaining popularity again. Many interior decorators recommend this material as a quick way to change the appearance. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, wallpaper can be used even in the bathroom.

Patterned wallpaper – how to combine with the rest of the interior?

Patterned wallpaper can be combined with the rest of the interior equipment on the basis of warm and cold contrasts (a great example is the combination of bottle green with powder pink) or similarities.

To get a coherent arrangement of the room, it is worth combining wallpaper with a forest motif with a neutral design, such as the rest of the walls in neutral colors. Intense wallpaper pattern can not compete with the rest of the interior, but can break the minimalism or severity of the decor – for example in Scandinavian or modern style.

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