How do I mount a countertop washbasin?

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Mounting a countertop washbasin is not as difficult as it looks at first glance. If you are doing a small bathroom makeover, you can easily mount it yourself. All you need is the right preparation! How to mount a countertop washbasin? We suggest!

What can you mount the countertop washbasin on?

The look of a countertop washbasin largely depends on what it will be placed on. You can choose from bathroom cabinets, which are very popular on the market. There are many models and designs to choose from, you just need to visually match the cabinet to the basin. Also, remember to mount it at the right height. The countertop washbasin is mounted slightly higher than the one recessed in the countertop. Before you buy, also check the load capacity of the bathroom cabinet so it can handle the weight of the basin, water and leaning.

Another option is to mount the countertop sink on a countertop, such as a wood or wood-like countertop. Choose a material that is durable and resistant to moisture. Remember that real wood requires impregnation and further maintenance, e.g. once a year. Laminated countertops, which are very similar to wooden ones in appearance or imitate the texture of concrete, are also popular. Also rely on solid installation – both on the cabinet and on your own, e.g. with angle brackets. However, always check the load-bearing capacity of the components.

Step-by-step installation of countertop wash basins

How do I mount my countertop wash basin? Start by preparing the space. Remember that you also need to have access to the connection for the entire water system. Also consider whether you want the countertop washbasin to rest against the wall or not. It is also a good idea to read the manufacturer’s installation instructions before starting work. You will find a lot of valuable information there.

Hole for tap and drain

In order to mount a countertop washbasin you need a place to connect the mixer, but not only. You will need to lead the hoses to the drain, which is why you need to cut out holes for the mixer tap. You can do this yourself, for example in a wooden countertop you can easily prepare the holes yourself with a jigsaw. Sometimes when you buy a countertop, professionals will prepare it to a given size and make the necessary holes . If you have decided on a stone or marble surface, you will need a special diamond drill bit.

Use sanitary silicone

When installing a countertop washbasin you will need sanitary silicone. It prevents water from getting under the surface and also strengthens the whole structure.

Turn the countertop washbasin over and apply the product to the edges. Then place it against the countertop and gently press down. If the sanitary silicone has penetrated, get rid of the excess with an ordinary sponge. Now you need to wait, preferably 24 hours, until the preparation is fully dry. During this time take care that water does not get on the surface of the countertop and does not come into contact with the silicone.

Connecting the fixtures

The final step is to properly connect the plumbing, i.e. the trap, sink faucet, hoses, stopper and drain pipe. The specific steps depend on which solution you have decided on. Also keep in mind that in some projects, the siphon will be quite visible. Then it is worth opting for aesthetic components.

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