Bathtub or shower? We have the answer: a bathtub with a shower function

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Many people face a difficult choice, what to install in their bathroom: a bathtub or a shower? If you cannot agree on this issue with other household members, then choose a 2-in-1 solution, i.e. a bathtub with shower function.

The bathtub with a shower – the best compromise

A quick shower and a long romantic bath – everyone would like to have both solutions at home. In small bathrooms, a shower is usually installed. If the dimensions of the bathroom allow it, it is worth choosing a bathtub with shower function.

Ways to combine a bathtub and a shower

There are several ways to combine a bathtub with a shower. The simplest and cheapest method is to install a shower curtain. You just need to install a special rod and hang the shower curtain on it. A wide selection of rails and curtains will allow you to match them to your interior. A shower curtain is a cheap and not very elegant solution.

A bathtub with a screen is the most common solution. The screen is mounted to the wall with special profiles. Its size can be adapted to individual needs, it can be one, two or three-part. Some models are permanently mounted, and thus can serve as a sealed wall. The surface of the screens is easy to clean and comes in many color versions.

Modern combinations of bathtubs and showers

  • bathtubwith a cabin – this is a solution in which the cabin is a kind of extension integrated with the bathtub. Many manufacturers offer a bathtub-shower with a door;
  • a free-standing bathtub surrounded by a screen on each side – this solution will work only in large bathrooms;
  • a bathtubwith a shower – the classic shower tray has been replaced by a bathtub. In this solution you can find a number of additional facilities such as: hydromassage.

Advantages of a bathtub with shower function

  • flexibility while bathing,
  • great solution for small bathrooms – takes up little space,
  • modern design.

Disadvantages of a bathtub with shower

  • difficult to keep clean;
  • installation – usually you have to forge the walls, which is not always possible or profitable;
  • price – integrated bathtub with shower, the cost is even tens of thousands of zlotys.

In which bathrooms will a bathtub with shower function work best?

A bathtub with a shower function will be suitable in any bathroom. This solution is particularly recommended for small bathrooms due to its functionality and space saving.

If the bathroom is large, you can install the bathtub and shower separately or opt for a modern bathtub with shower – from a higher price range.

A bathtub with a shower function will work well in the attic, because this room has a slant, which makes it difficult to install a classic cabin.

Which bathtub with a shower function is the best?

The choice of a bathtub with a shower model is determined mainly by the dimensions of the bathroom. If the bathroom is small or narrow, then a corner bathtub mounted against the wall will work best.

An opening bathtub with a shower looks like a normal bathtub, but has a shower cover, which makes it possible to take a shower standing up.

Modern bathtubs with shower have transparent doors, which fit perfectly into the Scandinavian, modern and minimalist style.

Bathroom inspirations for bathtubs with shower function

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