Induction or gas cooktop? Pros and cons

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Which of the solutions for the kitchen will be better: a traditional gas hob or a more modern induction one? This should not be determined solely by the price of equipment or operation.

Also important is the convenience or reliability. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions? What else should you pay attention to? We suggest.

Advantages of induction hobs. What are they?

Induction hob is certainly a less commonly used solution in Polish homes. However, from season to season it gains more and more supporters. Why do some people want to install it in their kitchen despite the higher costs?

How does an induction hob work?

Induction hob is a modern device. It is usually made of ceramic glass and equipped with touch controls. For its operation it requires a three-phase electrical system – we must keep this in mind when estimating the costs of purchase and installation of such equipment. Equipped with special coils, it works through electromagnetic induction. That is why the material of the bottom of the pot is so important. Heat appears on the bottom of the pot instead of on the surface.

Why is it worth it?

Buying and installing an induction cooktop is appreciated as a modern, clean and easy-to-use solution. Energy losses are small here, so the time of heating meals is significantly reduced. We also have many additional functions (electronic timer) already mentioned touch control. The heating process itself is safe – including stopping the heating when the pot is removed from the plate. Usually there are also systems that are responsible for automatic shutdown of the device.

Disadvantages of induction hobs. What to pay attention to?

First of all, the cost of the equipment is not only the hob, but also specialized pots. Add to this the price we will have to pay for the electrical connection and the work of the electrician. Operating costs are considered to be comparable or slightly higher than for a gas stove. Finally, most such plates are produced in black, which is not to the liking of every aesthete.

Gas plate. Why is it worth it?

Still the gas hob is a more common solution than the induction one. Is investing in such equipment is futuristic and actually justified? What are the advantages of traditional equipment over newer induction cooktops?

How does a gas cooktop work?

Induction hobs work on the basis of a hob, burners with a spark gap, and a grate, on which dishes are placed directly. Under the plate are mounted spark generator, valves and a bunch of igniters. Flame formation is made possible by access to natural gas or propane-butane from a gas cylinder. The gas burns when the valves are opened and an igniting spark is produced. Nowadays, such devices are equipped with safety devices that make them safe. Most such stoves are made of enameled sheet metal, but slightly more expensive ones are made of stainless steel or tempered glass.

Gas stove advantages

What are the advantages of buying a gas stove? First of all, in its case you can use typical pots, which are cheaper than those designed for induction cooktops. Nowadays gas devices are increasingly equipped with safety systems, which increase their safety in a situation when there are small children at home. Of course it is very important that you will pay much less for the purchase and installation of a gas stove than in the case of an induction hob. The cheapest models of stoves can be bought for about 700 zł.

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Disadvantages of a gas hob

What can discourage us from buying a gas stove? The most frequently highlighted drawbacks of such a solution include lower efficiency. Gas combustion only allows for 50% of the energy to be supplied to the pot to be heated. Therefore it takes more time for the food in it to heat up. It will also be more difficult to keep the gas hob clean. Additionally, we have to deal with an open flame in a relatively large space, which can be dangerous when there are children at home or the stove is used by seniors.

For whom is an induction hob better?

Despite the fact that you will pay more for the equipment in particular, an induction stove will have many advantages, especially for certain groups of people. Certainly, it is more difficult to get burned in its case. This is why it is recommended to people who have small children at home. It will also be for similar reasons an optimal solution for elderly people. Among other things, it is more difficult to get burned in a situation when we trip and touch the surface of the plate.

We must also admit that, as a rule, it is easier to keep such equipment clean. So it can be recommended to people who spend a lot of time at work and appreciate minimalism. They will not need much trouble to have not only functional, but also clean induction hobs in the apartment.

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