Built-in appliances – what should go in the kitchen?

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Are you on your way to create your dream apartment? Do you want your chosen solutions to be functional and to last for years? Find out more about built-in appliances.

Check what should be in your kitchen. Thanks to this, preparing meals and spending time in this room will become a real pleasure for you

How do I place white goods in my kitchen?

The correct positioning of white goods in your kitchen has a huge impact on the functionality and feel of the room. An additional advantage that is achieved with the correct positioning of individual pieces of furniture is that maximum economy is achieved. In the case of inadequate placement, we have to reckon with wasted time to reach individual equipment, and even much higher electricity consumption, which directly translates into the amount of expenses

Proper placement of individual equipment in the kitchen depends primarily on the shape of the room. There is no perfect recipe for placing equipment in every kitchen, but there are a few simple tips that will allow you to optimize the process.

The fridge should be located closest to the entrance to the kitchen. This will make itmuch easier for us to manage the proper placement of groceries and keep things organized.

If you have built-ins on both sides of the kitchen – i.e. when you face the sink, you have furniture on both sides – it’s a good idea to opt for a triangular arrangement. In the apexes there should be a fridge, a sink and a stove. In this way, even in a small space we can enjoy free access to all the most important equipment in the kitchen

If we can afford to place all the built-in on one wall, the situation is much simpler. In this situation, it is worth using the arrangement, which from the entrance we start by placing a refrigerator. Then you should put a small countertop, where it will be possible to place products taken out of it

The next element is the sink, where we will take care of washing individual products and preparing them for consumption or cooking. Just behind the sink it is worth placing a slightly larger countertop – it will serve as a place for preparing meals, where it will be possible to freely cut vegetables and meat

Another element is the stove and in this way we do not have to worry about wasting space or wasting time on finding a place to prepare particular dishes even if we have a small area available.

Ergonomic kitchen

In an ergonomic kitchen, the sink and dishwasher should be as close together as possible. This way, we can use a single drain without much trouble and additionally make it easier to work and keep the kitchen tidy

When placing the equipment, it is also necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of manufacturers on the placement of household appliances. It is very important that the stove and oven are not located in the immediate vicinity of the refrigerator. The refrigerator itself should be placed in such a place that it has enough space both at the back of the appliance and above it. If you do not take care to comply with the basic recommendations of the manufacturer, it may lead, among other things, to the non-recognition of the warranty in case of problems with the given home appliance

Above all, the kitchen should be tailored to the individual needs of each user and be comfortable to use. The aesthetics of the selected solutions is also an important element. It is in this room that we spend a lot of time due to the preparation of meals, hot drinks.

When planning the arrangement, type, size and color of kitchen buildings – it is necessary to be guided by the shape and size of the room and the amount of natural light that we can count on

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