4 living room colors for bright furniture – inspiration

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Are you planning bright furniture in your living room? Perfect! This opens up a palette of possibilities in your choice of wall color. We have some ideas – let yourself be inspired!

Wall color in the living room – which one to choose?

Anyone who has decorated an apartment knows how troublesome the choice of wall color can be. When making a decision, you need to take into account many issues (the color of furniture and accessories, the taste of the household members, the sunlight and lighting of the room, etc.). If you are renovating a living room with light-colored furniture, then the choice of wall color seems fairly simple – many colors go well with light-colored furniture, but not every combination will be effective. That’s why we come to your aid when it comes to choosing a wall color for your living room. Check out our suggestions!

Bright furniture, bright walls

Bright furniture against bright walls is a guarantee of optical enlargement of the living room. Therefore, it will be an excellent solution in small apartments. Be sure to also consider this solution if your living room has little sunlight.

Light walls in the living room, that is, what kind of walls? White – this is classic at its best. You can bet on pure white or slightly broken shades in warm tones (these are especially recommended for those who want to escape the impression of austerity in interior design and want to have a cozy living room).

Bright walls, of course, are not only white. Light shades of gray or beige will work perfectly in the living room. Gray is especially recommended for rooms decorated in Scandinavian or industrial style.

Navy blue accent

Bright furniture contrasts beautifully with walls in strong colors. If you like strong accents in interior design, then definitely think about painting your living room walls in an intense color.

Do you like sophisticated elegance? Why not bet on the color navy blue? Bright furniture will look beautiful against its background. Remember, however, that such a strong color is best put on one or two walls, especially if your living room is not too big. You can juxtapose it with white, gray or powder pink. 

Let green into the living room!

In recent years, paints in various shades of green have become very popular. We are not at all surprised by this trend! Green walls are elegant, but in a casual way. They fit in with many styles of home decor. The right shade of green will go well with an interior decorated in boho, Scandinavian or ecological style. Walls in deep green (our favorite is bottle green!) well emphasize the charm of simple furniture made of light wood or furniture stained white. A room decorated in this way can not miss potted plants, which will further emphasize the natural style of the room.

Original red

For you, the living room is primarily a meeting place with friends and a place for family board games? Then inject some energy into it! Red wall color is an original and highly energizing solution. The palette of red shades is very wide and there is definitely something to choose from. If you decide on an intense shade, consider putting it on one or two walls. Remember, too, that red is not advisable for rooms where householders are quiet.

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