Sintered wood in the bedroom – how to make such an effect?

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Wooden bedroom furniture adds shine and class. If you want to freshen up your wooden furniture, it’s a good idea to do so using the popular wiping method.

Why should you age your furniture?

Wooden furniture is a durable and classic option that will add elegance to any interior. Therefore, if the color of the furniture no longer matches the rest of the interior, it can be renewed using the method of wiping. Thanks to this wooden furniture will gain a new, fashionable look.

The effect of aging can be obtained on furniture from solid wood, ie from:

  • pine,
  • birch,
  • oak,
  • beech.

For the ageing treatment to be effective, you should also age the hardware and handles. In the bedroom, you can use distressed wood as a cabinet material next to the bed, dressing table or accessories.

How to age wood by sanding?

Wood distressing by rubbing is the process of rubbing previously painted areas on a piece of furniture. For this method, two contrasting shades of paint are usually used. The effect of rubbed wood can be achieved by painting the wood with a contrasting color and then rubbing it into solid wood.

Wood rubbing step by step

1. Thoroughly clean the furniture

First, you need to clean the furniture very thoroughly. It is best to wash it with warm water and detergent. Then you should wait until the furniture dries.

If the furniture is lacquered, its surface should be sanded down using sandpaper.

2. First painting

First, a darker layer of paint should be applied on the cleaned piece of furniture. In order to achieve a more natural effect, it is advisable to paint only those places that will be rubbed off, i.e:

  • edges,
  • surrounds of handles,
  • edges.

3. Applying wax

When the paint is dry, on the places that will be rubbed, you should apply candle paraffin – wax. This will allow you to wipe off the top layer of paint faster.

4. Painting the furniture with a second lighter color

5. Wiping

When the second coat of paint has dried, the areas where the wax was should be rubbed off.

Waxing a piece of whitewashed furniture

White-washed furniture has been in fashion for several seasons. Such furniture fits especially into Provencal, rustic and shabby chic styles.

Refinishing bleached furniture step by step

  1. Cleaning furniture – it is best done with water and washing up liquid.
  2. Matt furniture – furniture matting is necessary in case of lacquered furniture. This makes it easier to apply new paint.
  3. In places where there will be abrasions, apply watered-down wood paint in the color of your choice and let it dry.
  4. Wax should be applied to previously painted elements – in the form of a preparation purchased in the store or by rubbing it with a simple candle.
  5. Applying white paint. Paint can be applied in two ways:
    1. putting a thin layer of paint on the furniture,
    2. by carefully covering the furniture with paint.
  6. When the paint is dry, you can start rubbing it with a knife or a wire brush. Waxing should only be done in those places where wax was previously applied.
  7. Finally, smooth the surface of the furniture with sandpaper.
  8. The final stage is to protect the furniture with matt or semi-matt varnish.

Other methods of aging furniture

Brushing of wood

Wood brushing is a method that involves “damaging” the top layers of wood with a wire brush. This will create scratches and gouges. Afterwards, dust should be removed from the gouges with a vacuum cleaner, for example. The last step is to varnish the wood.

Graying of the wood

If the wood has lost its former color, it is worth restoring its former glory with vinegar. To age wood using this method, put steel wool (or nails) in a jar, pour vinegar over it and leave for a few days. After that time, the vinegar will turn gray. Then apply the resulting liquid to the furniture with a brush or pad.

Staining with coffee or tea

Staining with an infusion of coffee or tea is one of the most natural methods of staining wood. To achieve a satisfactory staining shade, rub the brew into the wood several times.

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