The wall behind the bed in the bedroom – 6 ideas for its arrangement

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The right finish on the wall behind the bed creates an amazing effect for the entire bedroom. Here are 6 ways to get inspired to make a difference!

1. Material or built-ins

The wall behind the bed can be finished with another material, such as wood, to create a kind of headboard, but not only. In smaller bedrooms, decorating the wall in this way allows you to visually separate the area intended for sleep from other zones, such as a desk with a work space or a dressing table. Moreover, it is a functional way to protect the bedroom wall from damage. If the room has a defect in the form of thin walls, such a finish will additionally quiet or warm them.

2. Upholstered wall

With upholstered panels we can build not only a headboard for the bed, but also the whole wall or part of it. They will also protect against the loss of heat, isolate any sounds coming from behind the wall, and also delight with their original appearance. It is enough to glue the panels in such a pattern as we like. It is necessary to remember to invest in panels made of durable fabric, which will be easy to clean later on.

3. Lampery not so old-fashioned

Lampery on the wall by the bed is also a modern way to arrange a bedroom. It can appear in bolder colors and also in an ombre form. The color should harmonize with the rest of the décor. In order to emphasize the character of the whole room, it is worth to choose dark colors, especially suitable are green, plum or maroon. It will fit perfectly as a background for a wooden bed.

4. Just paint

If you are not satisfied with the above manoeuvres and you do not want to make major renovation changes, you can simply paint the wall behind the bed.

Nowadays, vivid colors are in fashion, but remember that they should match the rest of the room decor. Here we can also use optical tricks – a darker color on a shorter wall will optically widen the interior. Let’s also remember that the entire wall does not have to be painted, but, for example, only part of it.

5. How about… wallpaper?

If the color change itself does not interest us, it is worth tempting to interesting patterns that offer wallpaper. They are cheap, effective and do not require a lot of work. However, remember to choose flashy patterns for bedrooms with a modest finish (and vice versa) as otherwise the walls will clash with the whole.

The most popular nowadays are wallpapers with a floral motif, which can be accented in the rest of the room, for example on pillows, decorations

Remember that wallpapers are sold in rolls, so sticking them to the wall you should keep the continuity of the pattern. By the bed itself, you can add an upholstered headrest in similar motifs to further emphasize the effect.

6. Wallpaper

Instead of regular wallpaper you can choose a print on paper. Then we get a picture in the chosen size and with the theme we dream of. Often a wildlife or forest theme is chosen, so again plant motifs will be in vogue. However, it is worth mentioning that 3D wallpapers will not be suitable because they tire the eyesight (they can disturb sleep).

A hundred ideas for every bedroom

The six arrangements presented above are only an introduction to the hundreds of ideas that a bedroom wall can give us. It is worth to delight in them and revolutionize your current interior, changing it into something fascinating.

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