What mattress to choose for a senior citizen?

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Seniors often complain of back problems. To relieve their pain, several solutions can be chosen, and it is best to use them together

Massages and visits to a physical therapist are excellent cures for a sore back. But that’s not all. Mats with bumps, which stimulate circulation, and a properly selected mattress will fit into this set. But what to look for when choosing a bed for seniors?

Type of mattress for seniors

Back pain, numbness of the limbs and circulation problems are often the result of old age. They are exacerbated when they sleep on an ill-fitting mattress. In addition, such a foundation can affect the quality of sleep, headaches and back pain.

When choosing a mattress for an elderly person, it is worth focusing on several parameters, namely:

  • filling,
  • several support zones (preferably automatically adjustable),
  • the hardness of the mattress,
  • anti-allergic properties,
  • easy to clean structure.

As for the hardness, you should choose it according to your body weight, only then the mattress will properly fulfill its function. A mattress that is too hard will put pressure on blood vessels and disturb their work. On the other hand, a model that is too soft will cause an unnatural bending of the spine. The level of hardness is defined by manufacturers with designations ranging from H1 to H4. Here is an extension of those abbreviations:

  • H1 – for a person up to 60 kg,
  • H2 – for a person weighing up to 80 kg,
  • H3 – for a person weighing up to 110 kg,
  • H4 – for a person weighing more than 110 kg.

Interestingly, manufacturers have also prepared a double-sided model, which presents different levels of hardness. Thanks to this, when you change your weight you can simply turn it over to the other side and from H1 it becomes H2.

Contribution to the mattress

Typically, mattresses are divided into foam and spring mattresses. Of course, both of these groups have many types. For older people, it is recommended to use foam versions with High Resilience Foam filling

Their characteristic feature is orthopedic properties, which they owe to the elastic material. These mattresses are definitely more resistant to deformation, and in addition, HR foam has an open-cell structure. This feature allows for proper ventilation of the mattress, and on top of that it manifests anti-allergic properties.

The next issue worth paying attention to is the firmness of the mattress. This is an improvement that is applied to the horizontal sections and is distinguished by variable displacement. This makes each section of the mattress responsible for supporting a different part of the body. The hips need different support and the part under the shoulder blades or the neck needs a different support.

You can find seven firmness zones on the market, with the last one being by far the best. It allows for the greatest comfort and adapts to all sections of the spine. This solution will be ideal especially for seniors who are struggling with back or joint problems.

The elderly can also use more advanced medical mattresses that have an additional anti-bedsore function. This group of products is growing rapidly, which is an answer to the problem of aging society.

Mattresses of this type will also work well for young people who suffer from sleep problems.

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