Spring cleaning in the garage

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How do you go about cleaning out your garage? How to make this important usable space functional and friendly? Spring is the perfect time for changes. A few simple rules can help a lot. What to remember about in particular? We suggest

Why is it worth having a tidy garage?

The garage cannot be left out of the long-term spring cleaning. Why is it important to keep this place tidy? The garage is not just a place to keep your car. It is also a place where you can find parts and equipment necessary in the daily operation of the car, but also in making minor repairs. The tidiness kept in the garage is a guarantee that all these works will run smoothly and without unnecessary stress.

The garage is not just for your car

Especially in a situation where we do not have a cell at home, the garage also plays an important role in storing equipment that is important for the house, but also work in the garden. The order here will make it easy to reach for them in case of such necessity.

How do you start spring cleaning your garage?

In principle, you should start by thinking about whether the current arrangement of shelves and organization of the room is functional. Is it conducive to maintaining order and keeping important items always at hand and in their place, or does it introduce chaos and disorder? The answer to this question will determine whether we are waiting only for the restoration of order, or whether we should set ourselves for a thorough reorganization

Organization of cleaning

Spring cleaning, even if we only want to restore the room to its former glory, will require good organization. We need not only strength, but also appropriate resources. Wanting to get “hands to work”, we can successfully engage the whole family. After all, cleaning in several people will be much faster, possibly also more pleasant

In addition, it is necessary to secure cleaning equipment and trash containers. You should try to segregate them at the same time, thus taking care of the environment. It is also advisable to take out large furniture, such as tables, for the time of cleaning. Of course, the car should also be moved out of it for the time.

Removing what is unnecessary from the space

Probably every person who deals with DIY has a certain tendency to accumulate objects. Often we delude ourselves into thinking that an item might still be useful for something. Unfortunately, but just spring cleaning should be a good opportunity to make a fairly radical selection of what actually has a chance to be used. The rest of the things are partly destined for the trash, but some can be given away to someone – perhaps they will actually be useful to others.

Proper cleaning and refreshing of the room

In the course of normal use, the garage is probably not a place that is too pedantically cleaned of dust and finer debris. The garage should also be cleaned and swept clean during spring cleaning

The tables and other furniture should also be cleaned – sometimes this can be quite a tedious task as the garage often uses grease and other substances that are difficult to clean. Painting the room can also be a good practice. In a clean and tidy space, it will be much more pleasant to work later

Divide into categories and zones

A very smart approach to tidying up your garage will be to divide the items stored here into categories. You can also take a cue from how you often decorate your kitchen and divide your garage space into zones. It will then be easier for us to maintain order by putting things away.

It’s a good idea to make sure your garage is stable and sturdy

It is a good idea to make sure that there are stable and sturdy places to store items. Sometimes you need to repair existing furniture or add new furniture as the number of items in your garage increases. Fortunately, fairly sturdy furniture can be bought for little money at the supermarket or online. What else do you need to take care of? Hangers and specialty racks will come in handy, especially suitable for storing automotive accessories.

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