Upholstered bed in the bedroom – 7 inspirations

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Upholstered beds in the bedroom add a cozy character and a unique design. There are many models on the market, which you are sure to match the style of the room you are decorating, as well as your expectations. We present you 7 interesting inspirations.

Upholstered bed – a combination of functionality and comfort

Bed is the main piece of furniture in every bedroom. Upholstered models are primarily comfortable, and also determine the overall style of the entire room. Quilted ones, for example, are perfect for glamour arrangements. Some of the beds also have an additional storage function, that is, they have a special container. There you can fit for example bedding, iron or even vacuum cleaner.

In upholstered beds a headrest plays a huge role. This one should be soft and beautiful, so that your relaxation goes without any discomfort. Such a backrest is ideal while reading a book or watching a movie in the bedroom.

Grey bed with quilted headrest

Grey fabric and quilted headrest is a universal solution. It works well in Scandinavian, modern and also more classical arrangements

Pattern on the headrest

You can also opt for something more luxurious, which is an elegant bed frame and a beautiful texture on the headrest. However, the pattern should match the rest, so the wall should ideally be one color or with a subtle pattern

High headrest

Such a proposal is ideal for rooms that optically need to be enlarged, or rather elevated. An additional advantage is wallpaper on the wall, which slenderizes the whole bedroom

In glamour style

Huge quilted bed is a solution for glamour arrangement. There are many shades to choose from, so you’re sure to match it to your room – from white, through pink, mint and beige, to graphite and black. You can also match the quilted fabric of the upholstered bed with an armchair or pouffe

Armchair-like bed

Do you remember the armchair? This is how this upholstered bed looks like

Classic for minimalists

This upholstered bed is simple in its shape. However, the material makes the interior cozier

Upholstered bed – worth it!

We hope we inspired you to create or buy an upholstered bed. It’s certainly comfortable and looks designer. And it’s easy to match the design to your dream bedroom.

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