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Children’s sandbox in the garden – inspirations

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Piaskownica dla dzieci w ogrodzie - inspiracje

Vacations for children are a time of carefree fun. Playing outside is great fun, and to make the fun even more it is worth investing in a sandbox in the garden.

Fun for the youngest

A sandbox is one of the favorite places to play. So that children do not have to use public sandpits, which we are never sure if they are clean and safe, it is worth considering installing one in the privacy of your own garden.

Plastic or wooden?

Plastic sandboxes are available in many shapes and colors. They are generally cheaper than wooden ones, they don’t require assembly, they are light and we can easily move them to different places in the garden. Wooden sandboxes are environmentally friendly. However, they require assembly and regular impregnation, and moving them will not be easy. When choosing you should take into account your budget and tastes. While a plastic sandbox will be cheaper, a wooden one can look much more aesthetically pleasing. Check out our inspirations below.

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