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4K or 8K TV – which is more worthwhile?

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Telewizor 4K czy 8K - co się bardziej opłaca?

TV manufacturers tempt with the latest technology, offering more and more models with 8K resolution. Despite this, the huge popularity is still enjoyed by 4K TVs. Many opinions suggest that using a TV in normal household conditions, we will not notice any difference in picture quality between these two models. So is it worth investing in 8K equipment, or is it better to choose a 4K TV?

4K vs 8K

The resolution of an 8K TV is twice as high as 4K and as much as four times higher than Full HD. Watching films and TV programmes in this resolution, we could see details that would be impossible to notice in other TV models

Experts in the audio and video market suggest, however, that in order to really enjoy the image of 33 million pixels offered by an 8K TV, we would have to choose a model with a diagonal of at least 70 inches. With smaller screens, the effect of this high resolution could remain unnoticeable.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we can only enjoy the picture quality of an 8K TV if we watch content on it recorded in the appropriate format. So far, 8K content can only be found on services such as Netflix, YouTube or Vimeo. However, in terms of terrestrial, satellite and cable TV – Polish operators do not yet broadcast in this format. Buying an 8K TV, we will not always be able to watch 8K. With most TV programmes, the image quality will turn out to be the same as with a 4K TV.

So it may still be too early to buy an 8K TV – until the amount of content produced in this format increases. We would only benefit from high picture quality by watching programs on some online platforms. However, the fact that such TVs have already appeared on the market means a big drop in prices for previous models like 4K. So, if we mostly watch TV channels, then buying a 4K TV might be the best choice.

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