What colors to bet on in a child’s room?

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Color psychology can be helpful in choosing the right color scheme for a child’s room. Before decorating a child’s space, let’s find out how particular colors affect a toddler.

We may not always pay attention to it, but surrounding colors have a big impact on the mood of both adults and children. Some colors add energy and stimulate action, while others promote calmness and relaxation. Knowing the psychology of colors allows us to arrange home interiors with more thought, so that they better fulfill their purpose.

A child’s room is a special place where a toddler not only creates his haven, but most importantly develops, learns and relaxes. Thoughtfully selected surrounding objects and colors will help develop his emotionality and sense of aesthetics. The colors in a child’s room are best matched to the age of the child to take full advantage of their beneficial effects.

The meaning of colors

We can divide colors into emotional colors, relaxing colors and colors that promote learning.

Emotional colors

These are colors that affect emotions. They can be calming, but they also stimulate action. They include:

  • red,
  • yellow,
  • orange,
  • pink,
  • purple,
  • green.

Relaxing colors

They will work especially well for children both filled with anxiety and stressed, as well as hyperactive or aggressive. Among the relaxing colors are:

  • blue,
  • brown.

Colors conducive to learning

They should be found in the rooms of students, adolescent children and teenagers. Colors conducive to learning include:

  • white,
  • gray,
  • green,
  • yellow.

How to choose the color scheme of the room according to the age of the child?

In modern interior design, the stereotypical division of pink rooms for girls and blue for boys is increasingly being abandoned. When decorating a space for a child, first of all, let’s take into account his age and current needs.

Children under the age of three do not distinguish pastel colors, their attention is attracted by saturated colors. However, too many objects in intense colors can irritate toddlers, so it is recommended that the walls in infants’ rooms be painted in calm beiges and light browns. Contrasting color combinations are worth using on accessories, decorations and toys.

As the child grows, we can introduce more and more colors into his room. A preschooler will feel good surrounded by green, blue, yellow, orange, pink or purple. Such colors, on the one hand, help calm down, and on the other hand, increase curiosity about the world and creativity. Besides, when arranging the room of a preschool child, we can take into account his personal preferences and favorite colors or themes.

And what colors will work well in a teenager’s room? Certainly, we will have to take into account, first of all, the color choices of a maturing child. However, it is worth smuggling in accessories or textiles, such as curtains and bedding, in colors that promote learning and concentration. Good choices will be whites, grays, greens and muted shades of yellow.

If our children’s rooms are large, we can arrange different zones in them, for example, for study and play. Each zone is then emphasized with a selected color scheme. The study corner can be dominated by pastels and greens, and the play zone by warmer colors.

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