Replacing the glass in the outer door – how to do it?

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Dark rooms immediately upon entering a home are a big problem for homeowners. Front doors made of solid, thick wood block outside light from entering. How to remedy this problem and have a well-lit vestibule? Read on to find out!

As a result of having doors made of a thick, uniform layer, we have to save ourselves with artificial lighting, which often does not meet its requirements anyway. Good visibility in the vestibule is especially required. This is where we receive guests from outside, check our hairstyles before going out, correct our make-up or put on shoes

The way to a well-lit space

A good idea to brighten up this part of the house is to place external doors with glazing. Not only will they make the front door look spectacular, they will also allow daylight to stream into the interior. Glass is a commonly used, elegant material that adds grace and visually enlarges the entrance.

The style you decide on for glazing depends on the size of the entire front door, the color of the exterior façade paint, and the workmanship of the window or balcony frames. You can choose between horizontal and vertical glazing, along the entire length of the door or only at the top or bottom of the door.

The use of these two materials obliges us to balance the proportions in a specific way; we want the glass to be only decorative and to brighten up the internal space, so we cannot allow any dysfunction of the door. It may happen that we choose the front of the door at another time, one in which the windows are already in the right place, then we match the styling to the shutter. The right combination of materials will give a neat and tidy effect.

How to replace the glass in the door?

No one would want a vandal to vandalize his front door, thereby destroying the beautiful glass. However, sometimes such situations do happen. If we do not want to decide on a professional, we can try to replace it ourselves. Which, as it turns out, is not at all incredibly difficult. So how to replace the glass without damaging the entire front door?

  1. Remove the door and lay it with the outside facing up. This position will give you freedom of movement and prevent possible spillage of glass particles.
  2. Lubricate the blade with oil. This will give you much more glide for further work.
  3. Cut the frame at the glass along its entire length.
  4. Turn the door over and secure along the glass with painter’s tape.
  5. Measure the position of the frame in the door to be sure of exactly where it was located.
  6. Brush the knife again with upholstery oil and cut off the outside of the glass.
  7. Repeat on the inside.
  8. Remove the frame and glass from the door. Once carefully cut, it should come away freely from the wood.
  9. Clean the interior of any glue left over from the previous glass. Use a chisel that you have soaked in water with dishwashing liquid to do this. Repeat the process until the glue is gone.
  10. Wash the frame and door with a suitable solvent. This will remove any impurities that might interfere with the glue.
  11. Apply adhesive tape activator to the frame and door.
  12. Apply the new adhesive tape to the frame on the inside and outside. Be sure to do this carefully
  13. Peel off the protective film from the adhesive tape. Do this very carefully so as not to break the outside of the tape from which you are peeling the cover.
  14. Place the new glass in the designated space in the frame.
  15. Insert spacers between the glass and the door.
  16. Place the frame in the door at the location you previously marked with painter’s tape.
  17. Remove the tape from both sides of the frame.
  18. Press the whole thing down with a roller on both sides
  19. Remove the protective film and you are done!

Remember that every door you buy should have a burglar proof certificate. It is worth taking care of this, because it is the front door that protects our possessions and gives us a sense of security.

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