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Can an oven be installed over a dishwasher?

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Czy można zamontować piekarnik nad zmywarką?

A well-designed kitchen is first and foremost an ergonomic kitchen. This is why pillar installation is becoming increasingly popular, as it saves not only space but also health. Cooking appliances that require a lot of bending, such as ovens and dishwashers, are often housed in pillar constructions. But can you afford any configuration?

When installing household appliances, you have to take into account their correct positioning so that they work optimally and serve you well for a long time. We do not recommend installing an oven above a dishwasher because the hot steam coming out of it during operation could damage the oven door glass. The same goes for the microwave. Experts suggest that the only appliance that can be installed above a dishwasher in a pillar installation without any worries is a coffee machine.

It’s best to place the dishwasher at a height of 45 cm from the floor, which will allow easy access to both pull-out baskets from above. The optimum oven height is 82 cm, as recommended by experts.

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