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Appliances for modern kitchens – we suggest what is worth having

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Interior design trends are extremely varied, including kitchen trends. With a bit of willpower and a certain budget, you can also make your kitchen look modern and elegant. Here’s how to do it.

The right appliances

To give your kitchen a modern feel, all you have to do is choose the right appliances and color scheme. Manufacturers meet your needs, so on the shelves you will find many modern household appliances with a simple and minimalist design and high functionality. So what should you choose?

Stove and fridge

The stove and fridge are the two main places in the kitchen. After all, you spend most of your time preparing meals at the stove. If you want a modern kitchen, you should choose a stove. You can also opt for a hob or induction hob, which will emphasize the modernist and minimalist character of the interior even more, while saving a lot of valuable space. This is an extremely functional solution that will give you great comfort in using your kitchen. Electric ovens are another option. When it comes to the refrigerator, it is worth to give up the classic in favor of silver or black. These colors will bring a more modern feel to your kitchen. Choosing a built-in fridge will also work well. If you want to be sure that your appliances will work perfectly, you should check out To achieve maximum functionality and convenience, it’s also worth remembering that the stove or hob, fridge and sink should form a triangular shape.


Another important place to pay attention to when arranging a modern kitchen is the sink. It doesn’t have to be plain and boring. To give it an interesting design, you just need to change the faucet. For a modern interior, a black or gray kitchen fa ucet will be perfect. These colors are almost synonymous with a modernist kitchen. Unfortunately, their disadvantage is that they are difficult to keep clean. However, it is not impossible and also granite black sinks can shine clean. All you need to do is clean your sink with vinegar. This is because vinegar has many disinfecting and cleaning properties and most importantly, it can dissolve the lime that causes white stains, especially visible on black surfaces

Small household appliances

Small appliances can not only be extremely useful and actually necessary in the kitchen, but they can also have a decorative function. A coffee maker, for example, which you can build into a cabinet or simply place on the countertop, will give your kitchen a more elegant feel. However, remember to choose appliances that are similar in aesthetics and match the furniture to avoid a cluttered aesthetic. You can also decide to buy a complete set, although this solution is more expensive than completing the equipment yourself. When choosing appliances, it’s also worth following a simple rule of thumb – if you have light-colored floors in your kitchen, opt for light-colored appliances, while if your floors are dark, the appliances should also be darker. This will avoid contrasts that don’t always look good.

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