Flowers for the bedroom – what plants to choose?

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Plants in the bedroom add to its coziness and natural feel. You can choose both potted flowers that you put on the cabinet and larger plants standing on the floor. See what plants to choose for your bedroom.

What are the benefits of flowers in the bedroom?

There are many opinions about plants in the bedroom. Some believe that they “take away” oxygen, making it harder to breathe at night. The key to success is the proper placement of flowers for the bedroom. It is good not to have too many of them, especially if the room is small.

Flowers in the bedroom do not only have a decorative role. First of all, during the day they absorb carbon dioxide and produce a lot of oxygen. This means that at night they do not consume as much oxygen as opponents of this solution claim. Flowers in a bedroom create a specific microclimate, which favors relaxation and breathing. They slightly increase air humidity, and in such conditions it is much better to sleep, than in a dry room.

What plants should I not choose?

Avoid plants which are very dusty or have a strong smell. These can cause discomfort and are harmful to allergy sufferers. It is definitely better to choose such flowers for the bedroom that will only make you feel better and will make your sleep fully successful.

What flowers to choose for a bedroom?

Traditional ferns

Ferns can be grown in the bedroom for health reasons. They do not attract dust, bacteria and fungi. Besides, some studies indicate that ferns accelerate the secretion of serotonin, a hormone of happiness. However, it is necessary to provide them with high humidity.

Natural aloe

A lot is said about aloe vera. Mostly these are flattering opinions that the plant purifies the air and moistens it. This makes it a good species to grow in the bedroom.


This is also one of the plants that acts as a humidifier and purifier. However, you need to give it good conditions, especially when it comes to humidity. It also looks quite elegant with its glossy leaves and remarkable flowers that resemble wings.


This is another ideal plant for the bedroom. Common ivy also does a good job of cleaning the air, even from the pollutants associated with smoking.


Growing dracaena is very easy, which is why it’s a plant that is often found in bedrooms. It stands out with its dark green leaves, but it needs to be placed in a warm and bright place.

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