Couch with sleeping function or sofa? Which to choose?

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More and more people are choosing multi-purpose furniture. One of the most popular solutions is a couch or sofa with a sleeping function. Which solution is better? What should you consider when buying?

Sofa or couch – what to choose?

A sofa bed is an ideal solution for small interiors or living rooms combined with a kitchen. This piece of furniture is smaller than a sofa, but it allows to establish the border between the work space and the rest zone. The sofa should be matched with armchairs, which will add character to the interior. This furniture is a great solution for people, who have little space in their apartment and often have guests. A modern sofa is ideal for those who have a studio apartment.

The sofa is dedicated to large rooms because of its massive shapes. The sofa should be matched with pouffes, thanks to which you can gain space around the coffee table. Additional seats will surely be useful in a large family.

What should I consider when choosing a piece of furniture with a sleeping function?

When choosing a sofa or a couch for a living room, you should take into account the design of the furniture (so that it matches the rest of the interior) and the sleeping function – whether it will be used occasionally or daily.

Occasional sleeping furniture is designed in such a way as to guarantee rest in a sitting or semi-reclining position. The sleeping function in such furniture is an added value. The sleeping surface is formed by a seat and a special pull-out.

Leisure furniture for daily sleeping has a special design, which is supposed to guarantee high comfort of rest. In practice, this means that the user sleeps on furniture elements that have the same filling. Sofas and sofas with a sleeping function are usually equipped with DL (type G), C.S.T. (type H) or frame systems. (type H) or Italian rack type F.

Criteria for choosing a sofa or a sofa with a sleeping function

  • dimensions before and after unfolding – before buying a piece of furniture with a sleeping function, it is worth checking how much space you have in the room. An unfolded sofa or couch always takes up more space than it seems;
  • size of the sleeping surface – the size of the sleeping surface is not determined by the size of the furniture;
  • the heightof the seat – the height of the seat makes it easier to get up, especially for the elderly;
  • theway of unf olding – there are sofas and sofas on sale with various mechanisms allowing to unfold them. Before buying it is worth testing whether the unfolding method is comfortable in use;
  • filling – the most common is filling made of:
    • bonell springs,
    • bonellous springs with corrugated springs,
    • corrugated springs with high elastic foam resistant to deformation,
    • pocket springs;
  • container for bedding – containers for bedding are installed mainly in sofas, due to the larger dimensions of the furniture;
  • subjective feeling of comfort and convenience – it is worth testing a sofa or a sofa in the store.

How to position a sofa or sofa bed in the living room?

Positioning of the sofa or sofa in the living room must always be adapted to the size of the room. It is necessary to preserve the space to pass by the furniture. If the room is large, then the lounge furniture should be placed in the focal point of the living room.

If there is a TV in the living room, then the couch or sofa should be opposite it. This way the whole family can watch their favorite show on the couch

The choice of a sofa or a sofa with a sleeping function is an individual matter. It is worth taking into account the size of the apartment and the preferences of household members.

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