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Stickers on the wall for children’s room

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It’s time to prepare a room for your child, or maybe your little one is bored with the current look of his kingdom? In one case or another, it is worth considering how to decorate the space and make it even more friendly and close to the world of the toddler. Wall stickers can be a great idea! Here are some inspirations straight from the children’s rooms!

Wall stickers for children’s rooms – which ones to choose?

Recently stickers on the walls have become a hit in interior design, although we must admit that they reign mainly in children’s rooms and it is for the youngest that we can find the widest offer. Every parent wants their child to feel good and safe in their room. This is influenced by many features, including coziness. Unfortunately, a room with empty walls painted in a uniform color is not always considered a nice and cozy interior. There is no denying that stickers are the simplest and one of the cheapest solutions to decorate a toddler’s room, which will completely change the interior. There are many possibilities. We can bet on single stickers or go crazy and choose whole sets rich in various elements, creating a story on the wall. There is also a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. We guarantee that everyone will find something for themselves

Advantages of wall stickers

The main advantage of wall stickers is undoubtedly their decorative value. What is more, their quality to price ratio is good and for just a few zlotys you can completely change the interior of a child’s room. They will enliven the walls, and thanks to a wide selection they will allow to create an interior according to the preferences of each child. Moreover, they are also easy to install and their installation does not oblige us to refresh the walls beforehand. They are a great solution when you want to cover some stain or abrasion, which often appear in places where toddlers stay. Stickers are easily available. Simple patterns can be bought even in a local construction store. Of course, if we care about less common patterns, it is best to look for them online. They work well on almost any surface. You can easily stick them on a painted wall, tiles or even wallpaper. The only thing we have to remember is to properly prepare the place where we are going to put the sticker. It should be dry, smooth and degreased. Thanks to this the decoration will not come off. Another advantage is their easy removal. When you get bored or stop fitting into the interior, you can easily remove them from the wall, without destroying it

What are the most popular themes?

When we talk about the room of a little princess, of course you will find all sorts of castles and fairy tale motifs, including fairies or princesses (including those from popular fairy tales) and unicorns. Animal motifs are also very popular. These can be more or less fairy tale-like. Little enthusiasts of prehistory will be happy to see dinosaurs on their walls. Boys, on the other hand, will feel great when surrounded by cars or superheroes. Star and space motifs are also often chosen. Of course, you can also go classic and choose flowers, clouds, hearts or geometric figures

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