Vinyl panels in the bathroom – is it a good idea?

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Natural wood flooring, even treated, will not work well in a bathroom, as it is too humid. Vinyl panels can be an alternative. We take a look at their properties and see why you should opt for them.

In areas exposed to frequent moisture, such as bathrooms, we need to choose finishing materials much more carefully. Waterproof ones will work best. Bathroom floors and walls are usually tiled with popular tiles, as wooden planks would quickly deteriorate. A great alternative can be vinyl panels, made of several layers of PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, which are waterproof and have a non-slip surface, and often imitate the texture of natural materials, such as wood.

Vinyl panels for the bathroom – advantages and disadvantages.

Initially, vinyl panels were laid on floors in offices, but it was soon noticed that due to their properties they work well in kitchen areas and bathrooms. Their biggest advantage is water resistance. They are also distinguished by their durability, strength and resistance to abrasion, scratching or other mechanical damage. An important advantage is non-slip, which is of great importance for rooms with frequently splashed floors, especially when there are small children in the house.

Vinyl panels – unlike traditional ones – effectively dampen footsteps, so we will not hear the characteristic stepping. The floor made of them works perfectly with underfloor heating and provides a feeling of warmth, so it is pleasant to walk on it, even barefoot. For many people, an important advantage will certainly be the ease of cleaning and a wide selection of designs.

And what about the disadvantages? Vinyl records do not have too many of them, but we must mention them. First of all, they are more expensive than traditional ones. For a square meter of good panels we have to pay a minimum of PLN 120. They are also characterized by a small thickness, which means that they can be laid only on a properly leveled surface. Besides, although they perfectly imitate natural materials such as wood, they are made of artificial material, so they will not create in the room the charming atmosphere typical of natural boards.

Why opt for vinyl panels in the bathroom?

Will installing vinyl panels in the bathroom be a good idea? The list of advantages convinces that they will be one of the best choices. They will work well not only on the floor, but also on the walls, which will allow you to create a cohesive arrangement. It is also worth mentioning that the installation of vinyl panels is not complicated and we can manage to do it ourselves.

We can opt for panels:

  • mounted on glue – the most common method for laying panels on the floor, which provides adequate protection of the surface and prevents movement of the boards. Remember that the quality of the glue also matters,
  • click-mounted, or snap-mounted – a glueless method, the panels need to be adjusted to each other and pressed down (you can hear the characteristic click), so that they are permanently joined together,
  • self-adhesive – directly attached to the surface.

Many people choose vinyl panels in the bathroom also for their aesthetic aspects. Thanks to the fact that they are available in many variants, we will match them to any arrangement.

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