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Which mirror to choose for the bathroom?

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Probably no one can imagine a bathroom without a mirror. It is even a must-have equipment of this room. Sometimes, however, choosing the best option takes a lot of time and energy. What mirror to choose and do we have to limit ourselves to just one? Find out with us!

The choice of mirrors available on the market is really large. Of course, which mirror we buy depends on many factors. When choosing we will take into account the amount of space we can allocate for it, the style in which the room is, whether we are dealing with a bathroom only for household members or maybe for guests, and also what role the mirror will play in the interior. It is also important how much time we want and can spend on its cleaning. These and many other questions we must answer before choosing the perfect mirror for our bathroom

Practicality first

For people who appreciate practical solutions, simple forms will work perfectly, which will serve every household member and guest. In this case, the mirror can be neither too small nor too high placed. The traditional place for its placement is the space above the sink. Often, many women hurriedly perform their daily makeup in front of it, so we can not forget about its proper lighting. The best solution is a simple mirror with or without a frame, or glued into the tiles, with wall lamps or wall sconces hanging at its height. We can also bet on the mirror with built-in lighting, or wardrobe style. The pasted-in option is probably the most practical. Moreover, we can install a special heated mat under it, which will prevent the surface from steaming and even after a long, hot bath, we won’t have to deal with a steaming mirror. This is also a great solution that will allow us to keep things tidy. Cleaning the frame – especially a very decorative one in a baroque style – takes a lot of time and energy. Each time, however, before installation, we must consider whether the mirror does not hang too low, so that during daily use it would constantly be splashed with water, which will cause unsightly stains and streaks of stone

Shape and color

Currently on trend are proposals with interesting, often unobvious shapes or shades of frames. The most popular, of course, are the timeless rectangular, square, round and oval mirrors. Very popular are also those in the form of hexagon. If we want to add a bit of spice, we can bet on the frame with an interesting form or color. It will also be great to illuminate the frame from underneath, which will give the whole arrangement of additional shine and unique character

Mirror for a small bathroom

Unfortunately, not everyone is the owner of a large bathroom. However, it is no secret that the mirror is a great way to optically enlarge the space. This option will work best if we mount it opposite the entrance or place it opposite a smooth wall or cabinets. It will look best if you have a fairly large, elongated sheet, which will not reflect towels or shelves cluttered with things, which may increase the impression of clutter. It is also better to give up small mirrors in large and visually heavy frames, which can only increase the feeling of cramped

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