Monochromatic living room – when to decide on such a solution?

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The interior design industry today is dominated by a trend based on monochrome. Interestingly, such a solution will work in many interiors. We present arguments that prove that monochromatic living room is a great solution

Monochromatic interiors are becoming a popular interior design solution today. Arranging space in one, dominant color is often a very difficult task, but the effect is undoubtedly delightful. So it is worth trying to arrange your living room or home space in this style

A good idea and plan of action

Monochromatic style is used in many interiors. Few people realize, however, how complicated the task is to create a room in which one particular color will dominate. Any concessions are not an option, because then we break the only and most important rule of composing space in accordance with the idea of monochrome

The first step that we should take, deciding on a uniform color space, is to determine the color palette, which we can use to compose the various elements of the space. If we decide on a living room in which the color white predominates, then unfortunately we can no longer include any other shades here. However, there are small concessions that are worth being aware of

First of all, the easiest way to create a space is based on light, relatively neutral colors. Then we can successfully use various shades of colors with a neutral character. In this way, to our white we can attach a light, very delicate beige or gray, which, however, is close to this white

The next step is to do the shopping according to our idea. This can be very challenging as stores try to have a variety of products in their offers. However, shopping can be planned well in advance. Some of them should also be done online. Then we have more options and will not waste time on intensive search and walks through stores

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In all interiors described as monochromatic, a great variety is the ability to play with texture. Monochromatic style requires discipline in many things. Fortunately, when it comes to the materials we use, they are completely free. The advantage is a rational combination of the same colors of glass, leather or fabric, for example. Light plays an important role in rooms arranged monochromatically. Therefore, let us remember that apart from their illuminating properties, lamps can be an interesting addition and variety to our bedroom or living room arranged in a monochromatic style


An important task is to match the furniture, which will constitute a coherent whole with the remaining elements of interior design. We must arm ourselves with patience if we want to achieve an original effect. Furniture companies often produce their goods in accordance with current trends. For this reason, if we do not match the colors to the fashion, which prevails at a given time on the furniture market, we may have a big problem with matching furniture to a given room. A costly yet great solution may be to make customized furniture. Companies, which carry out such projects, will certainly match the material in terms of color and material in such a way as to satisfy each customer. There are many possibilities. However, to implement such a solution, we need a lot of cash

Is the living room and monochromatic interiors a good solution?

This question everyone should answer for themselves. Analyzing the features of monochromatic interiors, we see that their arrangement certainly involves giving up many solutions that are interesting to us. Monochromatic living room will certainly delight guests, make a great impression on them, but its composition is a challenge – both for the designer, and for a person without experience and knowledge about the interior

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