Vacation souvenirs – ways to store them

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From each place where we spent a successful vacation, we feel like bringing back a distinctive souvenir, with which we will associate fond memories of the trip. However, over time a problem may arise – where and how to store them? Here are some ideas on how to solve it.

From holiday travels, we like to bring with us a symbolic piece of the place we visited. Unique ornaments, objects with regional patterns, magnets, figurines, seashells or unusual stones – vacation souvenirs can have different forms. They all have one thing in common – memories. We want to keep them together with souvenirs, so we would like to expose all of them in such a way as to be able to return to them at any time

With time, however, we may simply run out of space for this. What do we then do with the preserved memorabilia? Do we throw them in a box and put them in the attic? See for yourself that there are other ways!

1. 3D collage on the wall

You can create a unique 3D collage of your holiday souvenirs and place it in a frame or display case on the wall. It’s a great idea to display the trinkets you brought back from your trip.

We usually have more space left on the walls than in drawers or on shelves – we can use it well, decorating it with souvenirs from our vacations. Such a collage may contain all sorts of objects – from photos, through shells, to figurines and pebbles. This will create a unique collage of memories!

2. Album with holiday souvenirs

A good idea to keep some vacation souvenirs is to create a special album where you can put all sorts of trinkets you brought back from your trip. It is not just about photos – such an album may contain postcards, tickets from museums visited, fragments of maps or other trinkets. An album with souvenirs can recreate the history of our vacations.

3. Decorative box with souvenirs

For holiday souvenirs you can prepare a decorative box – it will be a decoration in itself and inside there will be our special gifts. You can also decorate the container yourself with travel souvenirs, sticking postcards, maps or seashells on it. It’s a great idea to create a special place for trinkets brought from your vacation.

4. A jar of memories

Another way to cleverly store souvenirs is to place them in jars or other sealable glass vessels. This will create a unique decoration, which will be like a time capsule – it can contain all sorts of souvenirs from your vacation, bringing back fond memories. Sand from the Greek beach, seashells from the Baltic Sea, a miniature of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or a decorative stone from the Turkish Riviera – unique souvenirs placed in a glass vessel will be a unique decoration.

5. Special places for exposition

If you are an avid traveler and collector in one, you may need much more space to store your souvenirs. Then a good solution may be to set aside a special space in the house and designate it only for travel souvenirs. This can be a display case, a shelf, a console or a chest of drawers – from the collected souvenirs we will then create an impressive display.

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