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How to illuminate the attic?

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The attic is a space that offers many arrangement possibilities. It can be used as a functional closet, bedroom, study or guest room. The disadvantages of space with bevels include the fact that it is often shaded and may require additional, usually local, lighting. We suggest how to choose lamps depending on the purpose of the attic.

Lighting of dressing rooms in the attic

If you plan to arrange an open dressing room in the attic, you need good lighting, which will cover all the cabinets and storage recesses. For this purpose, led strips that can be placed on the walls, in the recesses and on the ceiling will work well. RGB LED strips are best attached around mirrors, above clothing shelves, and above hangers. They can also be used in drawers to display ties or jewelry.

Spot lighting will add a luxurious touch to your dressing room, and will also allow you to easily see the placement of your clothes and accessories. Leds allow for creative design solutions, are discreet and do not take up much space, which in the case of small rooms will be an additional advantage. Lighting of this type is also characterized by energy efficiency and durability. It is worth choosing white light with a neutral color, which will not interfere with the colors of clothing during styling. A wide selection of multi-colored led strips can be found on:

Lamps for bedrooms with beveled corners

Bedroom lighting arranged in the attic should be adjusted to individual preferences. If this is to be a room intended mainly for rest, it is worth resigning from the upper lighting in favor of wall sconces and floor lamp. It is worth to place a bedside lamp by the bed, which will emit a light not straining your eyes and perfect for reading. Multiple light sources in a bedroom will allow you to create a unique atmosphere. Smart bulbs with variable color control, which are controlled from an app on your smartphone, can also help. Using the app, you can control the color and intensity of the light, as well as set the lighting time and schedule scenarios for the device.

A cozy guest room in the attic

A guest room with a leisure character is worth decorating with appropriately selected light. If there are ceiling beams and bevels in the room, it is good to emphasize them with top lighting. You can use for example a stylish lamp in industrial style or choose a classic model with a delicate, toned lampshade. It is worth choosing lighting that will not distract from the rest of the interior. For rooms arranged in Scandinavian and modern style we recommend retro ceiling lamps, which do not have lampshades. Decorative LED bulbs allow you to emphasize the originality of the interior, and also give it an industrial character. You can find elegant lamps and remote-controlled bulbs in the store

Home office

Office organized in the attic should have good lighting and air conditioning. When arranging it, it is worth to take advantage of bevels, so as to have as much natural light as possible at the desk. A handy lamp, which will protect the eyes from unnecessary exertion and improve the comfort of office work, will be useful on a tabletop. A home office should also be equipped with an upper source of light in the form of a hanging lamp, wall lamps or flush-mounted spotlights. In turn, led tapes can provide additional lighting for display cases and filing cabinets for documents. You can purchase led lamps of different sizes and choose the color of light to suit your lighting needs – warm, cold or neutral.

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