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At what height to hang the TV in the living room?

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Each TV has its own characteristics, and its installation depends on many dimensions. The most important of these are the height of the wall in the living room, the size of the room and the TV set as well as the position and distance of the viewer from the screen. For that reason, a television set should be mounted at a different height in the bedroom and at a different one in the living room. The most important thing is not to hang the TV too low or too high

How to properly hang a TV in a living room?

Remember to take into account the distance between the receiver and the place from which guests and household members will watch it. An unwritten rule says that the minimum distance between the viewer and the receiver should be twice the width of the screen. These are theoretical assumptions, since a given dimension is also affected by the resolution. It is accepted that for 4K TVs there is about 2 cm distance per inch, and for Full HD – 4.5 cm

In addition, if you want to estimate the correct height of the TV, you should first pay attention to the positioning and height of the furniture. The receiver should be located in the central part of the wall, so that everyone in the house can watch it. The basic rule is that the screen must be at the eye level of the person watching. People in the house should not bend over because it causes pain in the shoulders and spine and watching a TV set hanging too high is simply uncomfortable. If our household members have different heights, it is recommended to average the dimension, so that the device will be suspended at the optimal height. The most common height is 100-110 cm from the floor

Note that TVs with larger dimensions than 55 inches can be hung slightly higher. If the bottom edge of the screen is at our eye level, it will not make any difference and will make it much easier to watch movies from all places in the living room

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