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How do I match the runner to the tablecloth?

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If you’re having trouble “dressing” your table with a runner that coordinates with your tablecloth, be sure to read the article below!

What is a table runner?

A table runner is an elongated, usually rectangular napkin or a decorative overlay that is placed on a table, bench or other top. This overlay is often richly decorated, made of lace or embroidered. However, it does not cover the whole surface of the table top, which makes it a great alternative for those who want to uncover a beautiful table, for example.

The advantage of runners is the fact that they look less formal than, for example, tablecloths. You can also use them on benches or dressers. Runners may bring to mind old-fashioned decorations of our grandmothers or mothers, but nowadays on the market there are runners made of many materials, for example organza, felt or linen, and also with many fancy decorations or prints. This also gives many possibilities for “styling”

Runners made of polyester or felt will look great in everyday arrangements for a living room bench or kitchen table, while those made of organza or lace can work well for more important occasions.

A great advantage of table runners is that they do not cover the whole piece of furniture, thanks to which we can both enliven the room and emphasize and expose a beautiful bench, table or even a chestof drawers.

How to combine a runner with a tablecloth?

Table runners do not have to be used alone. You can easily combine them with tablecloths. You only have to remember about a few rules. The runner should have dimensions in the proportion of 2:1. In other words, the length should be twice as big as the width. The runner should also be shorter than the tablecloth, so that it does not disturb the table composition.

What about the color scheme of the table runner? You are completely free here. It is good to match the runner to the style and color scheme of the interior. Remember also not to mix colors of the tablecloth and the runner that clash with each other. For example red and green will look bad together. Try to match decorations based on similarity of shades, for example beiges with beiges, browns with browns, etc.

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The runner itself will certainly be a bit more subtle in its look. So if you just want to add a touch of elegance to your interior, bet on this solution. Just put a beautifully made, matching runner on a bench or dresser and the space will become cozier. But remember to match the color scheme of the textiles to the style and color of the piece of furniture you put them on.

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