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3 modern kitchen design ideas

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. This is where meals are created, this is where the family meets while waiting for the cake to bake, and this is where bonds are formed while cooking or washing dishes together. While it’s an important place for family interaction, it needs to be practical above all else. The more comfortable you are in the kitchen, the more willing your household is to cook and clean. See how you can arrange your kitchen in a modern way

Industrial style kitchen

Raw, factory interiors are a hit in recent years. Industrial style is becoming more and more popular every year – and for good reason. Lofts are very stylish and, contrary to appearances, cozy interiors. Although bare bricks, raw wood and metal are not associated with home warmth, the effect that they create in combination with each other is really impressive and gives a sense of intimacy. A loft style kitchen will be very practical, as the decorations for such interiors are actually their key elements. Thanks to this, valuable countertop space will not be taken up by your decorations. The kitchen will be atmospheric and charming without having to choose accessories that are not needed for anything in such a room

When furnishing the kitchen, remember to keep the triangle, or working sequence. The fridge, kitchen sink and gas stove or electric hob should be close to each other. There should be a countertop between the fridge and the sink where you can put the products taken out of the fridge and wash or cut them before cooking on the stove. There should also be a worktop between the sink and the stove. With a work triangle, the countertop can be on the other side of the stove. Keeping this arrangement of furniture and appliances will make kitchen work much more efficient and less tiring

Minimalist kitchen

Minimalism is a growing trend in popularity. This style undoubtedly has its charm, and especially in such pragmatic places as the kitchen, it works phenomenally. The place where meals are cooked needs to be spacious, clean and inviting in appearance. Contrasting colors, combined with strong lighting is a great solution for the kitchen. Especially if your kitchen is connected to the living room, minimalism in one of the rooms is advisable so that the whole area doesn’t turn out to be too overwhelming. Simplicity in the kitchen can make cooking much easier, as a minimalist space is much easier to organize. Designer furniture, which will add variety to the interior, will be a fantastic match for the frugal decor.

If you decide on a minimalist black and white kitchen, take into account that this is a quickly dirty room. The paint or wallpaper on the wall should be wash-resistant, and it’s best to opt for tile in the working parts of the room. Mixing chocolate cake with a mixer against a white wall can end up being a real massacre, so to avoid regrets later, think about how you want to decorate the kitchen in a minimalist style

Kitchen with an accent of color

A very fashionable solution is to introduce color accents to a bright kitchen. These can be small appliances, such as a red kettle, breadbox and toaster, but some people opt for large patches of color, such as cabinets or walls in bold colors. This combination works especially well in kitchens combined with dining rooms, where the kitchen area can be bright and uniform, and the dining area colorful, or vice versa

Although the kitchen is a utility room, it often becomes a place for meetings, shared meals, long conversations, simply a space to be together. Therefore, in addition to the practicality of the decor, also consider making the room cozy and inviting

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