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How to set up a TV in the bedroom?

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Do you want to be able to watch your favorite series in bed and therefore consider setting up a TV in the bedroom? We’ll give you a hint on what kind of TV to choose for your bedroom and where best to mount it.

Is a TV in the bedroom a good idea?

A TV set in the bedroom is a topic of considerable controversy. Such a solution has many supporters, but also many staunch opponents. Our goal is not to settle this dispute, as we believe that everyone should decide for themselves which solution is right for them. However, if you are in favor and want to set a TV in the bedroom, check out our advice on how to do it right.

What kind of TV to choose for the bedroom?

When choosing a TV for the bedroom, you need to take into account slightly different issues than when choosing a TV for the living room, for example. The first and probably most important parameter that we absolutely must pay attention to is the diagonal of the TV. A bedroom is usually a small room, so the TV cannot be as large as in the living room. So how to choose the optimal size of a TV for the bedroom? Experienced electronics retailers suggest assuming that 10 centimeters of TV distance from the viewer equals 1 inch of screen. It is worth taking their advice.

The TV in the bedroom does not have to be as technologically advanced as the equipment in the living room, which is often used not only for watching movies, but also for games, for example. However, it is worth keeping to a certain minimum and buying a TV that will have useful functionalities. It is definitely worth betting on a model that is equipped with SmartTV. Netflix library or HBO Max available on the TV in the bedroom – tempting, right?

At what height to hang the TV in the bedroom?

Wondering whether the TV in the bedroom is better hung on the wall or placed on a dresser? In our opinion, by far the safer option is to hang it on the wall. In the bedroom we sometimes move around with the lights off, then it is not difficult to hit various objects, especially those that have appeared in our space recently. It is for this reason that hanging the TV on the wall in the bedroom seems to us a more functional solution. 

At what height to hang the TV in the bedroom? Remember that you will watch it most often in a reclining position, so it should not be too high. According to experts, it is best to mount the TV in the bedroom about 30 cm above the line of sight. 

How about a TV on the ceiling in the bedroom?

Mounting a TV on the ceiling in the bedroom is becoming increasingly popular. This solution can be an excellent option if you have a small bedroom where you do not have space on the wall opposite the bed.

However, before you decide to hang a TV on the ceiling in your bedroom, think about whether it will be comfortable for you to watch a movie or TV series only while lying on your back. Lying on your side or sitting will require you to unnaturally pull your head to the side or upward. The inappropriate angle at which you view the screen will result in a poorly defined image. So if you don’t want to be limited to watching TV in the bedroom in only one position, you’d better give up the idea of hanging this equipment from the ceiling.

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