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Sliding doors with mirror – the latest trends in small interiors

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Small interiors require residents to use treatments that will make them optically larger. A proven method that has been used for years are mirrors. This season extremely on-trend are doors enriched just with a mirror. They magnify the interior superbly, and give the room a unique character. But how to introduce them into your home?

How to effectively enlarge the interior?

Small interiors are quite problematic when it comes to placing individual objects. Therefore, it is worth using every scrap of space. This season the mirror completely changes its position. By combining a mirror with a sliding door you gain a ton of space, and on top of that you can optically enlarge the room.

But that’s not all, a mirror in the front door is also an opportunity to check how we look, just before we leave. So such a solution has all the advantages. However, it is worth using the right solutions. Many people have so far used sliding doors combined with a mirror in the closet, but this trend is slowly going away, in favor of just a glass in the entrance door to the room. 

With this, you can completely change the appearance of the room and make the light that is reflected in the mirror enlarge the room. Therefore, it is best if the door is located opposite the window. You can use this kind of arrangement in practically any room, from the living room, through the hallway and into the bedroom. Remember, however, that they should then be properly installed.

How to install a door with a mirror in a room?

In a room where you decide to install a door with a mirror, it is worth ensuring consistency. Therefore, they should match the interior. For industrial rooms, those mounted on a thick black metal rail will work well. They can be easily moved and then become a regular mirror on the wall. They look great and are extremely practical.

You can choose a slightly different variant for each room, but it is the one on a strong rail that works best. In this case, it is worth only to adjust the appearance of the frame. So, in rooms where you rely on modern aspects, you may be tempted to go for an illuminated frame.

Interestingly, you do not necessarily have to order such a variant. You just need to buy an led tape and fix it yourself. This will make your room even more interesting. Such a variant will certainly work well in the bedroom. And in the living room it is worth using a double-sided version, which, by the way, will also enlarge the appearance of the hallway. As a rule, this very room has the smallest area in the house. You can then completely abandon the mirror in the closet. Such an arrangement solution will be more interesting and practical, and the closet can remain smooth and stylish. 

On the other hand, in the closet, it is worthwhile to apply to the double-door version, which will additionally allow you to look through thoroughly. It too is mounted on thick rails, which are designed to support the considerable weight of the mirrors. When buying such a door, pay attention to the method of attachment, as well as whether the door “walks” easily. All these aspects will make your room visually larger, and much more interesting.

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