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Shell armchair in a modern version – see inspirations

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Fotel muszelka

Shell armchair in a modern version – see inspirations

A comfortable armchair is the basis of every living room, a place to relax after work or an afternoon in front of the TV. Today you can get acquainted with current trends, namely the seashell armchair in a modern style.


This model of armchair was first described in the eighties by the author Cara Greenberg specializing in the design of the fifties. Mid-century modern is the name of the style represented by this type of armchair, among others. It includes furniture and decorations characteristic for designs originating in the period between 1945 and 1960. The 1960s brought solutions bordering on futurism in design, which partly included the above-mentioned piece of furniture.

In Poland, the interest in Western trends was noticeable, however their availability was very limited


Currently, you can find thousands of armchair motifs on the market, but one model is particularly popular. The seashell armchair can complement glamour or retro style interiors, or be a decorative addition to a simple, minimalist interior. Unusual shape is not the only advantage of such furniture. It is, above all, very comfortable. However, it is best to convince yourself about it!

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