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Kitchen sinks – overview of the materials they are made of nowadays

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Buying the right sink is a decision you should think about already at the kitchen design stage. In addition to the dimensions and installation method, the practical material is also important. We suggest how to choose it

Available options for sinks

There are quite a few materials on the market that are used to make sinks. It’s worth learning a little more about them because each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. A popular and relatively inexpensive option is stainless steel. It used to be that such sinks were found in most kitchens. Although these models are now slowly being replaced by others, they are still a popular choice for many people. Stainless steel sinks are practical and extremely versatile. They usually come in silver, but they can come in a variety of finishes. You can find both shiny and matte ones in stores. They are available in undermount and under-mount versions, so they can be matched with practically every kitchen design. Their smooth surface allows for easy cleaning. They are also resistant to scratches and high temperatures. Another advantage is that such sinks do not get stains, for example from coffee or tea. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with other versions

Another material that is often chosen is granite. This is a solution that is now in fashion. One factor that influences this is the many color options. Such sinks even come in non-standard colors. For this reason, they fit into modern kitchens. They can easily match the design of many rooms, in a variety of interior styles. They can look really elegant. The next advantage of such sinks is that they often even have many years of warranty. However, you need to be careful not to put hot dishes on them. Certainly, granite sinks require proper care. Although they are still resistant to damage, you are more likely to see any dirt and dust on them

The last, but by far the most durable option, are ceramic kitchen sinks. For this reason, it affects their high price. This is not the most popular solution. However, people who decide on them are usually very satisfied. This is because such sinks are not subject to discoloration. It is also hard to scratch them. They usually come in classic colors such as white, black and brown. For basic care of such a sink, an ordinary sponge and dishwashing liquid will suffice

How to choose the right material?

When choosing a sink, be sure to read about the pros and cons of specific materials from which they are made. Everything depends in this case on your preferences. You need to choose the option that will be as practical as possible for you. This is the most important aspect. Consider, for example, whether you have the time to take special care of a granite sink. The amount of money that you can allocate for such a purchase is also very important. Carefully review the offer of stores and analyze it well. It is worth asking questions about this topic. For example, you can ask your family members or friends, as well as people on the Internet. Some people already have experience with specific models. When choosing a material, the color of the sink is also important because it affects the comfort of use. For some people, for example, dark, matte shades will not work. Of course, in addition to this, it is also worth matching the material to the style of the kitchen. Not every interior design will go well with classic steel sinks. If you are primarily concerned with aesthetics, you may not be satisfied with this choice

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