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How to arrange a kitchen with a table?

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The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is where we create family warmth, eating meals together, celebrating important moments and enjoying each other’s presence. How to arrange this room to make the time spent there even more enjoyable?

We are lucky if our kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate not only the necessary cabinets and appliances, but also a table with chairs for the whole family. However, even a smaller room can be arranged so that there is room for a small table.

Setting a table in the kitchen is a very practical solution. It gives us an additional worktop, but most importantly, we don’t have to carry meals to a separately separated dining room. There’s also no denying that it’s more pleasant to cook and bake when people close to us are sitting at the table and entertaining us with conversation.

Proper dimensions of the kitchen table

No matter what shape of table you decide on: square, rectangular or round, remember to choose it proportionally to the size of the kitchen. This will ensure that the piece of furniture will not overwhelm the room and will not impede movement. The table must also be large enough to use it comfortably. It is considered that the minimum space for one person sitting at the table should be 60 (width of a person’s shoulders) x 40 cm (depth of the table). If you plan to hold frequent parties in the kitchen and invite guests, then add to the depth of the table space for serving dishes.

For a family of four, a round table with a diameter of 90 cm will be sufficient. If you prefer a rectangular model, choose one that is at least 90 cm wide and 120 cm long.

When arranging a kitchen with a table, let’s take care to maintain an appropriate distance from the edge of the furniture to the outside. Free walking around the table will give us about 120 cm of free space.

Under the window, in the middle or against the wall? Setting the table in the kitchen

The location of the table depends primarily on the size of the kitchen and how it is furnished. In large rooms, a table set in the center will look best. In small kitchens, the table can stand under the window or against the wall. If necessary, we will be able to extend it to gain additional seating.

Also pay attention to the model of the table itself. If we have a large space, we can afford any piece of furniture, but in small kitchens, massive tables will overwhelm the limited space. A better solution will be tables made of light materials, with a slender form and in bright colors.

How about an island in the role of a kitchen table?

In kitchen arrangements, islands and peninsulas are increasingly common, which can successfully serve as a table and worktop at the same time, especially when there is no space for an additional piece of furniture. The island will work best in open spaces, as it can visually separate the kitchen from the living room. On the other hand, in a small kitchen, the massive structure of the furniture will overwhelm the small kitchen too much. However, if we really care about such a solution, we can opt for a peninsula, which will be sufficient for small families.

The kitchen island, due to the fact that it serves primarily as a worktop, should be made of durable and aesthetic materials. A good choice would be countertops made of natural wood or laminated board.

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