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The most popular themes for a boy’s room

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Choosing a theme for a boy’s room may seem difficult. We suggest what to consider when choosing it and what thematic arrangements are currently the most popular in boys’ rooms.

Idea for a boy’s room – interesting inspirations

Many parents who are faced with the task of arranging a room for a child, bet on a fairy tale theme. They buy accessories with their favorite fairy tale characters, however, we will surprise you – this is not the best idea. Children’s interests change as quickly as our kids grow up. Therefore, the fact that today our four-year-old son is a fan of Chase from Dog Patrol does not mean that a year from now his beloved character will not be someone else. 

So we recommend choosing a theme that your child will not grow out of too quickly. Also, remember not to take a stereotypical approach to decorating a child’s room and not to bet on gender-specific motifs. It’s worth breaking patterns and betting on more universal arrangements.

Room of a small explorer

Most children are enthralled by space and motifs related to it. Planets, cosmonauts, rockets, stars – the motif of space is very inspiring and interesting, and, in addition, graceful in terms of arrangement. A lamp in the shape of a rocket, bedding in planets, stickers with fluorescent moon and stars on the wall – these are just a few first hints that we would like to leave as inspiration for you. 

If you opt for a space theme in a boy’s room, then paint the walls a solid color. If the room is sizable and has a large window, you may be tempted to paint at least one wall navy blue – this color perfectly alludes to the cosmos. Choose simple furniture and bet on silver accessories (such as furniture handles or photo frames).

Children’s room – forest theme

Tropical jungle, or maybe a native mixed forest with spruce, pine and birch trees? A wall mural with a forest motif placed on one wall, simple wooden furniture and a bookshelf-tree – arranging a boy’s room in a forest style can be a lot of fun for parents. Remember that the forest is not only trees, but also other plants and animals. Do not forget about these patterns when choosing accessories. A lamp in the shape of a fox, or maybe a green hairy rug that resembles moss? Choose accessories that will match the forest theme and instill a love of nature in your child from an early age.

Animal motifs in a boy’s room

Exotic animals, tropical fish, or perhaps the well-known dogs? If your child loves animals, then bet on this particular theme in his room. You can bet on a real mix of animals, or focus on one species that is the boy’s favorite. If you are redecorating a room for a young child, you can opt for drawn animal characters (for example, on wallpaper, bedding, furniture or wall stickers). If, on the other hand, you are refreshing the room of an older preschooler, it is better to choose more realistic animals (such as posters or pictures of animals). Note, this motif may make the child ask questions about taking in a pet 😉

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