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Wood or composite terrace? Which to choose?

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Wood or composite? Are you redecorating your entire terrace? Do you want to give it a new, striking look? See what you should opt for to make the whole space look stunning!

Wooden terrace – information

A terrace made of wood is a timeless solution. It will fit in with almost any home, no matter what style it is. The advantage of such construction is that it is completely natural. It blends in perfectly with the greenery that grows around the terrace. What is important, it is a functional surface. If cared for properly, it will last for years without losing its aesthetic qualities. The boards should be impregnated with the use of appropriate preparations

It’s a bad idea to economise on these products as the boards can quickly deteriorate. Installing a wood floor on a terrace is relatively simple. The color of the boards depends on the tree from which they are made. When choosing this type of material, it is worth remembering that it is a long-lasting, very elegant and classic solution

Terrace made of composite boards

Composite decking is made of natural wood with an admixture of plastic. This material is very resistant to weathering, it is durable and does not deteriorate over the years. The appearance of composite decking is almost no different from standard wooden decking. This is due to the wood flour that is used in the production of composite boards. As a result of combining two materials characterized by resistance to external factors, composite panels are a very common choice when arranging terraces or balconies

What is important, composite boards are not demanding in terms of care – they do not need to be painted, because they are colored already at the stage of their production. Cleaning composite is a simple activity that even a child can successfully perform. A pressure washer is the only tool we will need here. Of course, we can also use a regular hose, from which water will flow under higher pressure

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The biggest advantage of this material is that it does not absorb rainwater and is completely resistant to UV radiation. You can safely walk on a wooden terrace after the rain, as it is equipped with a special structure that has anti-slip properties. This is a fantastic solution, especially in homes where small children or elderly people live. The disadvantage of composite, which many proponents of natural solutions will notice immediately, is that it is not a fully natural surface. It is worth thinking about whether this is a prevailing factor that disqualifies the purchase of this type of material, however.

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