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Wood as an element of interior design – recommended solutions

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Wooden elements in interior design are an enduring evergreen. In slightly modified forms, they reign in virtually every room of the house, from the pantry through the living room to the bathroom. Wood is a wonderful addition to any interior, which gives it warmth and makes it more cozy. How to incorporate elements made of this material into your home? Here’s how!

Wooden laths on the walls

Recently an extremely popular interior trend is to install wooden slats on the walls in such a way that they form a lath – a regular, alternating pattern with the wall color. Such an accent on the wall adds some elegance to the living or dining room, but also an interesting and unobvious warmth. You can say that wood on the wall “softens” the decor. Wainscoting used to reign on walls, which could be found thirty years ago in practically every home. Nowadays, there are no longer completely wooden wall panelling, but this material is still present in trends. Lamellas made of slats are a way to add an unobtrusive clarity to a room. On the one hand, they soften the character of dark colors in a space and brighten it up, but on the other hand, they themselves also add definition and character. Wood has some truly unique uses in interior decorating

Wooden lamps

If the interior you are decorating is quite cramped and you don’t want to waste valuable space on wooden gadgets and unnecessary accessories, wooden lamps will do the job of decoration. If you place a lamp on a wooden leg in a prominent place or place wooden plafonds on the ceiling, the whole room will gain a pleasant, homely warmth. Such tricks when decorating, for example, the bathroom, which is usually not a very spacious place will help you create a cozy atmosphere. Even a small wall lamp on a wooden board can completely change the mood of the room. In combination with a bulb giving a warm light, wooden lamps, regardless of the model, make the interior cozy and inviting. Such an atmosphere is especially important in the bedroom and the living room, where most of the day is spent

Wooden furniture

This is the most obvious way to introduce wood into the interior. However it’s not about a chipboard covered with imitation grain, but a real board. Furniture made of wood, although expensive and demanding in maintenance, give the whole room an amazing depth and a slightly luxurious atmosphere. When it comes to ambience, oak will work best – it will create a warm and cozy decor. Pine, although not very refined, treated with the right color impregnator, can be a really perfect element of a modern living room or hall. In turn, mahogany and chestnut, with their specific, reddish shade, will give the interior class and elegance. Furniture made of real wood is always the brightest star of the entire decor. Although it cannot be explained, wood cannot be overshadowed by bright patterns, gold or fancy accessories

All it takes is a little intuition and creativity to create a unique interior that is the perfect, comfortable and inviting zone for relaxing, entertaining and being together. With wooden elements, your home will always be fashionable, yet cozy and atmospheric. Whether you opt for small accents or mountain cottage style, the classic that is wood will always defend itself

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