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Wicker wall decorations for living room – our suggestions

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Dekoracje z wikliny na ścianę w salonie - nasze propozycje

Wicker is back in a big way. This somewhat forgotten trend has reappeared in the offer of interior designers. Check how to diversify the interior design in the living room thanks to wicker.

Great comeback of wicker

Wicker decorations are a great way to decorate the living room and introduce an element of folklore and handicraft. Well composed decorations will blend not only into a rustic, but also modern interior. Although we mostly associate wicker with Christmas garlands, without a shadow of a doubt, it can offer us much more


For some time now, natural materials have been dominating interior inspirations. With ecology in mind, especially to reduce the use of plastic, it is worth turning to these trends. Wicker is not only a material reserved for making terrace tables. It will also work great as a decoration in the living room

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