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How to prepare a table for an elegant dinner?

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An elegant dinner cannot take place without a properly prepared table. However, how to do it? What is the proper arrangement of cutlery, what tableware should be chosen, in what colors should the decorations be placed on the table? We will answer these and many other questions, so that preparing the table for an elegant dinner will be pure pleasure.

How to prepare a table, so that it is a perfect complement to an elegant dinner?

An elegant dinner with friends or family is not only about delicious dishes, but also about an appropriately prepared and decorated table. We suggest how to decorate it for such an occasion.

Colors and decorations

Let’s start with what colors work best to make the prepared table look elegant. To give it a chic look, bet on subdued light colors, for example beige or light shades of gray. The tablecloth and the main tableware should be in this color. However, to liven up such simple and bright tableware, you may decide on single accents in a slightly more vivid color. These accents can be decorations or specific elements of the tableware, such as salad bowls or glasses. Such a strong color can become a theme for the whole table arrangement. You can, for example, decide on a table runner in this color, choose such flowers and candles, or prepare a centerpiece.

Crockery and cutlery

If you already know what color your table will be, it’s worth thinking about what elements of tableware you’ll need. First of all, it’s worth remembering that tableware for parties is slightly different from everyday tableware. It should be more decorative and made of the highest quality materials. The best solution will of course be such a classic one made of porcelain. First of all, you will need a set consisting of smaller and larger plates, as well as deep ones, but don’t forget about such elements as saucepans, sprinklers, platters, butter dishes, or sugar bowls. Consider in advance what kind of dishes you want to serve your guests, and choose tableware accordingly

Cutlery is equally important. For more elegant dinners you will need a slightly larger set than fork, knife, and spoon. More specialized items, such as a fish knife or salad fork, will also be useful. As with the plates, think beforehand about the dishes you will serve and arrange the cutlery on the table accordingly.

Also, remember that if you want the table to be extra elegant, it is important to arrange the tableware and cutlery properly. Let’s start with the plates. Put a large plate for the main course first, and place a deep soup plate on top of it. On the left side, place the bread plate on top along with the butter knife. All the forks should also be on the left side. Looking from the main plate outward, they should be arranged in the following order: dinner fork, fish fork, salad fork. On the right side, on the other hand, arrange the knives and spoons. Again looking from the plate to the outside, place the meat knife first, followed by the fish knife, soup spoon and salad knife. Above the plates should be a spoon and a dessert fork. Drinking utensils should also be placed there. Arrange them roughly from the center of the entire setting to the right, in the following order: a water glass, a champagne glass, a red wine glass, a white wine glass, and a small glass for stronger alcohol.

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